The fundamentals of violence among school students

Parents send their kids to children and think that they are studying there and doing lots of other good things. They do not think about anything else. But they are not aware of the fact that the kids are actually indulging in violent activities or are becoming victims of violent attacks from other children.


These things are happening quite frequently now and it becomes a real shame if the school authorities or the concerned people are not able to do anything about it. This not only affects the school but also affects the student’s future that is considered to be the future of the nation.


The students who indulge in violence on the campus are the students actually belonging to that school and the reason for their indulgence is either to vent out their anger or retaliate for the so called injustice done to them by their fellow students or teachers. At times, these kids have guns in their possession as well and they end up hurting someone or killing them too. So it is imperative that school violence should be brought to an indefinite halt.


Let kids do what they want to do and do not force students to do things which you want them to do. Know what their capabilities are and handle the situation accordingly. The days spent in school are the days which would determine or shape the future of the kid but that does not mean that one has to force things upon the kids. Because if extra pressure is exerted, it will not only spoil the future of the children but will also tarnish the parent’s image and questions would be raised on their upbringing too.


To prove how serious the issue of school violence in USA is, one can have a look at the statistics which says that more than two hundred people have died in school due to violence since 1992. This has created a feeling of terror in the minds of the people and they are very scared to send their children as well.


Students get inspired by movies and try to create gangs for them and then try to create an atmosphere of terror and violence in the school. This affects the other students as they are not able to concentrate on their studies. But why are the students getting into such heinous activities? If one analyses the situation, then one would clearly understand that the main culprit are movies and films. Students look at their idols on the big screen and try to be like them which lead them to all these activities. Other reasons could be the pressure exerted by their parents and their expectations from them which are at times unrealistic too. All these things add up to the stress levels of the kids which in turn makes them violent and dangerous.


One way to deal with this issue is through regular meetings of parents and teachers. Such meetings would help them discuss the different problems of the kid and solve them together. Moreover, violence should not be glorified as it is done in movies and should be made very clear to the kid that it is an evil.