The public relation of schools and by extension by country at large is being eroded in the name of school violence. The speed of multiplication and duplications of violence in this nation and beyond is growing far beyond everyone widest imaginations. Indeed, it is becoming a sad occurrence for the students and the schools.


Statistics have revealed that school violence most especially on bullying and school violence is growing at a geometric rate. According to the report, the life of the teachers, students and parents and many more lives have been badly affected. This goes beyond mere teasing or violence in its simplest from, but of necessity stops the incidence. Having established that 2 out of every 10 that could not complete the school were very active in school violence. Not many more life in millions on studies have been poorly affected by the scourge of violence.


The latest survey carried out stated that almost 282,000 are unkindly and unfairly make fun and even attacked by other students and people monthly. Some professional gave alternate ways of dealing with such incident:

The injured victims should report instantly to the school administrator for corresponding action.


Worst still, it has been reported that fear of further attach and man-hunt always constraint most of this victims to file a report. It is their belief that more harmful or untold attack could follow their attempt to report.


It is ever reliably gathered that more students in gangs were there in other to showcase their talents and impress their colleagues how famous and they are. They operate with guns, revolvers, knives and other assorted weapons to carry out their nefarious activities such as killings and hunting or injures.


Certain rules and regulation must be strictly followed in order to stop school violence and possibly assist the victims of violence. In the first instance, environments the student live and grow up have been seen to be much more responsible for the cause of school violence. Such controllable nagging, fighting, abusing and cursing being witness from parents. In place of these, genuine love affection, encourage and compassion could be readily substituted also the degree of support received from other activities will reduce the care for violence in one school.