Classification of violence in schools

Most of the people have a picture in mind that school violence involves the use of weaponry in showing aggressive behavior against another peer. This is not the only aspect of school violence. The classification is broad and requires a deep analysis.


It is important to know what school violence is for understanding the school violence classifications The various types of the school violence can be then be analyzed to understand how one can protect their children against all odd in educating them.  Every school states an educational goal or mission and when this is hampered or violated it is considered as school violence said by the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention Department of the North Carolina. The violence can be in any form, say it as verbal or physical, anything violating the terms is considered school violence.


 Press and media plays a roll in determining the degree of school violence and many major incidents are being reported through media. The incidents which are highly violent such as brutal shoot out in the year 1999 at the Columbia High School and the Seattle High School incident are brought to notice to the entire world through media.


Now that the meaning of school violence is known, the understanding of classifications would be easy.  Bullying is common among the peer groups and it would lead to fights. Robbing stealing and the use of drugs are also a form of school violence. These are considered more harmful than small petty fights due to bullying.


Petty fights and complaints of bullying are seen in almost any type of school including the elementary type.  Dominating children tend to force in their points on others and this can lead to fights and gang rivalry


The Federal Department is held responsible for cases involving drugs. Drugs are distributed among the students from gang to gang. The secondary and the senior secondary students get the drugs from their seniors most of the time. It poses serious threats to the school administration as well.


One other most harmful form of the school violence is sexual harassment. The most of the sexual assault cases are not brought to the notice of common people as it involves the reputation of the school and its administration. The common place where these kinds of cases are registered is in the rural localities and sub urban areas.


The term vandalism is given to the act of destroying the physical property of some one who is not any way related to the person performing this act and this is intentional. These people seek pleasure in destroying the property and are charged with terms dealing with vandalism.


 There are also reports showing the illegal possession of the weaponry and most of the students in the schools are affected by this type of school violence. Stealing is another problem that most of the students are getting affected with in the schools and one should be very careful.


The identification of these prime factors which are responsible for the school violence is the first step towards a better society.