Arms used for violence on campus

School violence has become a very threatening problem and if one wants to prosper, then they should stop this as soon as possible. What school violence has done that it has create a kind of fear in the minds of the students and they are very scared to go to school. This is creating an impact not only on the students but also on the teachers, the school authorities and the parents. The government msut ensure stircter laws to bring down such case of violence which would be the only way to take the country on the path of progress too.


The students nowadays are using tools like knives and guns to display violence and to vent out their anger on other people. But the most depressing fact is that they are not even regretting for doing these dangerous things. The question here is how do these kids get access to such deadly weapons. The answer is pretty simple. The parents of these kids get licensed vehicles for their security purposes and show it to their kids to at times not knowing that the kid can take advantage of that and use it to hurt someone real bad.


Students are not allowed to carry weapons or any kind of objectionable tool to the school but if anyone looks at the statistics, then one would find that almost twenty two percent of students carry weapons to school and make a fool of the security system of the school.


The weapons used by these students are revolvers, steel rods, switch able knife, razor blade, bat, flailing instrument, nanchaku and many other weapons. There are also students who carry deadly weapons like firearms, detonators, etc. According to Centre for Disease control, thirty percent of the students carry firearms and twenty percent of the students carry other weapons to school. And there is also a risk of this number going up if appropriate measures are not taken by the concerned people.


The violent activities in school are really very dangerous and threatening to the society as well as to the life of the students. As per reports, almost two hundred and seventy people have died because of school violence in America since 1992.


The school authorities can also take some measures along with the parents to prevent violence in school. They can use metal detectors for preventing students coming in with weapons or arms. They can also have security guards in the campus. The school should be very strict when dealing with students who are in possession of weapons as that would set as an example and prevent those students who are thinking of committing such crimes in the future. 


As far as the parents are concerned, they should ensure that the kids are not aware of the fact that they have weapons and if they know that, it should be ensured, that they do not have access to that. If possible the student or kid should also be prohibited from watching violent stuff on television as that would create violent behaviours in them as well.