Weapons in Schools – Yes, They Are There

Although it seems we don’t hear much about gun violence or violence committed with other weapons in schools, the sad truth is that the weapons are there. They are in the backpacks, under the shirts, in the shoes, and in the pockets of schoolchildren. Many students will say that they carry weapons to school in self defense and not with the intent of using them to hurt others. However, some students do bring weapons to school with the intent to hurt others. But no matter their reason, weapons in schools are nothing to mess with.

Despite the zero tolerance policies that are in place in schools all around the country, weapons are still finding their way into schools. When a student is caught with weapons, there are consequences in the form of disciplinary actions. Nevertheless, these policies state that a six year old who brings a pocket knife to school for show and tell is going to be treated just the same as a high school student who brings a knife to school.

Weapons Are More Than Guns and Knives

Weapons in schools can consist of more than just guns and knives. Any item that can inflict harm upon another can be considered a weapon. These items can include: throwing stars, arrows, bullets, and even lighters. Many parents are not even aware that their children brought these items to school, so they can be rather shocked that such a thing has occurred.

It is also important to inform children that toy weapons should not be brought to school either. This is because many of the toys that are made are very realistic and can easily be misconstrued as a real weapon. This can result in others becoming afraid when they shouldn’t be. Others also have the right to defend themselves when they believe a weapon to be real and this can result in unnecessary injury.


There are ways to prevent students from carrying weapons in schools. These ways include adding metal detectors to schools so that the weapons can be detected. Another way is to educate students on why they should not carry weapons and educate teachers on how to identify students who may potentially be carrying weapons. Furthermore, locker searches can be conducted to find weapons that may be stored in lockers.

There are ways to prevent the carrying of weapons in school and stop those students carrying them. It can be to a parent’s dismay that their child is charged with carrying what is perceived as a weapon and their child is disciplined. However, it is for the overall safety of the student body. Parents expect to have their children back at the end of the school day.