Ways of Restricting Weapons in Schools to Curb Violence

Violence in schools is a major problem these days and should be prevented in the earliest stages possible to avoid stunted nation growth. Incidences of violence in schools have resulted in some students dropping out of school and others refusing to join school altogether. Such students have developed a mindset that the schools are no longer safe. Violent activities have continued to disturb teachers, parents and students even in countryside schools. To create a better future for schools, the government in collaboration with school administrators should take appropriate actions to curb school violence hence improving the situation.


Most of the students who result to violence also use weapons complicating the problem further. Unlike in the past, such students do not seem to regret their actions. One of the biggest question is how do these kids gain access to dangerous weapons such as guns? If you dig deeper, you will understand this. Nowadays, many people own different types of weapons to guard their businesses and property. Children growing up in such homes are eager to use such weapons. This can cause them to harm others.


Surveys carried out in different schools have shown that 22% of students usually carry some sort of weapon to school. Such weapons are of course prohibited but due to laxity or lack of proper security measures in schools, the weapons still find their way in. Apart from the advanced weapons such as revolvers, switch knives or ballistic knives, students also use simple weapons such as steel rods, razor blades, bats and flailing instruments to cause harm to others. Another study indicated that 30% of the youth population including those in schools own firearms.


The center for disease control confirmed this adding that 20% of high school students carry weapons to school. Although these statistics are truly alarming, they will surely go up in time if proper measures are not taken.  Since 1992, over 270 deaths have been recorded in the entire country. This is not a small number especially because it affects the budding careers of many students. Among the different measures that should be taken, teachers should be advised to give priority to metal detectors to help in preventing weapons from finding their way into schools.


Other measures include having guards to tighten security around the school compound. If any of the students is found with a weapon in school, they should be punished serve as a deterrent to others. For the parents, it is important for them to keep any weapons that they have at home out of reach of the children.


A better way would be preventing their children from knowing that they have dangerous weapons such as revolvers. They should also check the types of movies that their children watch and the friends that they have. If the young child’s brain is exposed to too much violence in form of movies then he or she may become violent. In addition, a child whose friends are known to be violent may influence him or her to become violent too in a bid to fit in.