Weapons at School Becoming Commonplace for Students

The reports are increasing and the statistics in these reports are producing the sad realization that weapons in school are not only becoming common place for students in high schools, but in middle schools and elementary schools as well. Many children in elementary schools are concealing weapons found at home and bringing them to school in an off limits show and tell on the playground at recess or in the lunch room. As an adult, it may seem incredibly unbelievable that such small children would even think of bringing a firearm or knife to school but the reality is that these young people are not only thinking about it but taking it one step further and bring fully loaded guns into the classrooms.
Why is there an increase in weapons at school? What mindset has come to children who want to bring weapons into their class? Some say that the increase in violence in schools is the reason that many young people are bringing guns and knives to school. Many students themselves say that they are bringing weapons because they feel they need to protect themselves from other students who also have weapons in school. When did this start and where does it end?

We see school violence exploding in the newspapers and shake our heads in dismay but what is the solution to children carrying weapons? Are stiffer penalties necessary for adults who have these weapons but don’t keep them locked away securely so that their children can’t get a hold of them? What about illegal weapons dealers who will sell to anyone that has the cash? If children feel unsafe in school unless they bring weapons, are they really safe with a weapon? The answer is no.
Perhaps as long ago as the Columbine incident, students were becoming desensitized to weapons in the classroom. Certainly the bloodshed of that event was a drastic but not isolated incident. Since that time, more incidents of that nature of occurred where armed students have entered into the school armed with guns and ammunition to take away the lives of many innocent students. There is obviously no simple solution to end this common place attitude towards guns and knives in school. A simple start, however, is to end the casual attitude towards guns in school by students.
Parents, teachers and students must come together and strengthen the numbers of students who believe that gun possession is wrong. School administrators must make students who carry guns accountable for their actions. Students who are aware of other students carrying guns in school must be given opportunity to inform without incrimination, anonymously or otherwise. Only when there is a moral majority of people who stand up for keeping weapons out of schools can these commonplace attitudes cease and decease.