Where Would Your Child Get a Gun?

It is a question that most parents probably never ask themselves. It is certainly a thought that the majority of parents never have about their own child. The prevailing mentality, and maybe rightfully so, is that the school violence that has happened is something that someone else’s child would do. Unfortunately, this mentality is not acceptable for the increasing numbers of children who are gaining access to firearms and taking them to school.

If you think this is an epidemic that reflects a teen fascination with guns and that younger children are exempt, there is proof in the headlines of news in the United States and around the world that children of all ages are discovering ways to get a hold of weapons and take them to school and not just for show and tell.

There’s something that may feel quite unnatural about asking yourself where your child would get a gun. Particularly if you yourself are not a gun owner and do not provide your child with any access to guns. However, in some of the worst shooting incidents in schools across the United States, children of various ages have been able to get access to weapons, ammunition and to take guns to school and cause violent destruction.
In essence, do you know where your child spends time away from home? No parent will say, yes, my child can get a gun here or there. But knowing the people your child is around when they are not at school and not at home is a good start to having an idea about your child’s friends and activities. Try to make sure that your child is not around questionable characters that have access to guns. Explain the importance of obeying the laws and the consequences of having a weapon.
Open communication plays a paramount role with your child. Start early with talks about wrong and right, responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. Make sure that you clearly communicate your position against violence. When you can provide sound logic and reasons why taking a gun to school is not a good thing for a child or teen, your child will be given first hand explanation from you about how to be a productive student.
When the proper foundation is laid about respect for authority and rules, the chances are greatly increased that your child will continue to be one who doesn’t even think about taking a gun to school or having a weapon in their possession. Instilling these fundamental beliefs can help to create a strong foundation so that you do not have to ask the question of where your child would get a gun.