Weapons that come in handy for students for violence

Nowadays you see kids in school with knives and other weapons when they should have been having pens and pencils in their hand. It is very important that these kids are taught the ill effects of all these weapons and what damage it could do to their career before it is too late. So, we must ensure that schools are where students study and not where criminals spread violence.


Before trying to snatch the weapons from the hands of these kids, one must help the kids understand what is the potential harm and damage each weapon could make. And for that, we must know in the first place what these weapons are like and what its effects on humanity and mankind are.


Non-chemical arms:


  • Knife: This is one of the most common and the most easily available weapon. You can see school students in America carrying these knives and using them to threaten people or get money from them. It is not necessary that a person in possession of a knife should be a professional at crimes as these knives could be found in the kitchen of any home.


  • Hockey sticks: Hockey sticks are made use of by children for the purpose of small gang wars or rivalry fights in schools. Children moving in groups or gangs are very unlikely of not using these hockey sticks as their weapon.


  • Baseball bats: Baseball bats are also easily available in schools as every school has a baseball team. These bats are used mostly as weapons and very less for playing baseball. These bats reduce the chances of lethal assault. 


Chemical Arms:


  • Handgun: There are two ways in which these kids can get their hands on these guns. One way is through those criminal gangs which are very close to any school campus generally and the other way is when these kids get access to the casually left or abandoned weapons by the parents of these children at home or some other place.


  • Machine pistol: There are not many people who are clear as to what a machine pistol is. Machine pistol is basically a semi machine gun used by criminals for more dangerous activities like extortion, burglary, threatening, etc. It is also very commonly used during territorial wars. Machine pistol was once used on a school campus by a student in 2003 in Seattle. That is when a school got introduced to it. This is not very easily accessible to children as it is illegal in nature.


  • Assault rifles: It is important that people know what an assault rifle is basically even though there have been very rare cases of its usage on campus. AK-47, AK-74, M4 carbine, etc. are some assault common rifles in the market. These are mortal weapons and are basically used by military men or terrorists. But there was one case reported in Columbia high school in 1999 where students were shot at by a 13 year old with this assault rifle.