Common choice of weapons in incidents of school violence

It comes as a shock and is really frightening that students are able to bring lethal weapons within school premises.  Considered to be a sacred place of learning where such weapons are not allowed, it comes as a surprise that children are holding them instead of pens and pencils.  They use such weapons to inflict terror, assault and even killing other students.  In today’s modern era, it is important that we educate children with the right knowledge and provide them with advice in order for them to understand fully the negative effect of committing acts of violence in school.

Before anything else, we should have the correct knowledge as to what weapons are being used by children during such incidents of school violence.  With proper knowledge on how children are able to access such weapons and their characteristics, we can easily set up preventive measures against it.

Handheld Weapons:

·         Knife – this is clearly the most common handheld weapons that children use especially in sub-urban and rural schools.  Considered to be the first choice of weapon, knives are widely used by children all over the USA to threaten assault and stab other students.  This is because knives are readily accessible at home, and one can get hold of it without any help.

·         Hockey Sticks – children today band together and form small gangs which vary in purpose within the school premises.  As such, hockey sticks are their choice of handheld weapons during confrontations with rival gangs.

·         Baseball bats – just like the hockey stick, baseball bats are easily accessible within the school premises. 


·         Handgun – children have access to handgun through two major sources.  The major source of handguns is from the gangs that are active in the neighborhood where the child lives in.  The second source is at home.  Due to negligence of some parents who own licensed firearms, they sometimes unintentionally leave it in plain view, easily accessible by children.

·         Machine pistol – let us shed light on what a machine pistol really is since not everyone is familiar with the term.  A machine pistol is a type of micro-semi machine gun, much like a micro-Uzi.  External gangs who are involved in acts of theft, burglary, extortion, etc. normally use these kind of firearm.  This type of weapon is commonly used during ‘turf line’ (territorial) skirmishes.  A perfect example of an incident of school violence wherein a machine pistol was used is the Seattle high school ‘drive-by’ shooting that took place in 2003.  Possession of machine pistols are considered to be against the law, thus the only way that children will be able to have access to it is through external help.

·         Assault rifles – even though there is only about two recorded incident of school violence involving an assault rifle, it still is significant that we should have knowledge about them.  The AK-47 and the M4 Carbine are two examples of assault rifles.  Assault rifles are considered to be deadly weapons and only the military or militants have access to these.  Unfortunately, even though access to this kind of weapon is difficult, a 13-year old boy got possession of an AK-47 and fired it at his school mates in Columbia High School last 1999.