That our schools expected to be the citadel of learning fast becoming a war zone and death trap is indeed worrisome. Same hands that suppose to be raised for questioning and answering in study classes are now being to surrender or shot guns at the innocent citizens. What a paradox? Before the entire students and staff is wipe out and schools taken over few by hoodlums and gangsters, the time is now when some drastic measure is taken to bring the situation under control.


Since these students are not using bare hands to carry out their mindless activities, it is very important to have the knowledge of the assorted weapons at their disposal. Doing this will enhance proper planning having knowing what each weapon can do and the source of such weapon.


The Handleables:


1.          Hockey Sticks:  Access to this is very easy; they go with them everywhere in most especially when about to carry out their attacks or counter attacks on the rival gang. It is no longer news that school children form and belong to gangs according to what each symbolizes.

2.          Baseball Bats:  Also access to this is why common most especially on the playgrounds. If the children are exposed to proper academic, social and moral education, the society will begin to experience little or no school violence.

3.          Knife:  Students from rural and semi rural school mostly use this for assault. Meanwhile, it has gained general acceptance to almost all schools all over the country. Knife can be found in everywhere which makes the access cheap and it is being used for assault, threat and even to stab.




Hand Gun:  One of the ways the children assess this is through their parents. Agreed that the parents have been licensed to possess it, but being careless with it to keep to the extent that children now use it as a toy is unforgiving. Another major avenue is through the gang harboring and operational in the neighborhood.


Machine Pistol:  This is a type of micro-semi machine gun mostly found with professionally notorious gangs that engage in intimidations, extortions burglary and so on. For any child to access this, it must have close link with some powerful external helps. The access becomes more difficult because it is categorized as illegal weapons. Recalling the 2003 incident that happened in Seattle High School is an instance of machine pistol.


Assault Riffles:  History records that about two past incidence involved the use of this weapon. A good example is AK-47, AK-74, M4 and many more. These are in the class of mortal weapon and sized only by the military or militants. In 1999 however, one 13-year-old boy fired an AK-47 at his school mates in Columbia High School.