Violence in our schools is growing daily. We have heard of situations where student or group of students was shooting at sight wildly and indiscriminately. Having succeeded in killing many innocent souls, they end up taken their own life. What a tragic loss! What could have possibly responsible for this madness? One can simply concludes that those students have no other way of expressing their anger than to go wild. It is most likely that they might have been passing through some turbulence, depression or loneliness without anyone offering a hand of assistance.


One of the solutions is the construction of a well fortified fence round the school premises. Installation of strategically placed cameras within and outside school premises, installation of metal detector within and outside classroom and physical search of bags and lockers on routine basis. This may not be completely reliable but it sure to serve some precaution purpose.


To go to the root of the matters likely to distract students from their studies, the parents, teachers, member of staff and students must consciously rub minds together. By so doing, what one group fails to acknowledge in students, another group can easily observe.


Let parents be more of peers and companions to their children. They need to carefully study them and have a high sense of understanding of the kids. From there, any signals of restlessness and depression can easily be discovered and timely solutions offered. Arguments, shouting, hissing or cursing before the children should be seeing as sacrilege. As the role model to the children they should indeed lead by examples.


Teachers, on their part should always feel the vacuum of parentsat least within the school premises. As soon as any student is noticed to be moody, lonely or tensed up, such student needs immediate attention and care of the teacher. Classroom is the gathering of different kinds of students with different backgrounds. While some come from a break up homes, some are orphan, others are raise by a single parent, whereas others are with parents but the home is as hostile as living with the enemies. As the faces of the children vary so also is the problems they are nursing underneath. So teachers are encouraged to do their best to assist those kids in his/her care per time.


Counseling periods can always be organized periodically where students can freely express their concerns and worries about their personal life and issues relating to school. If a student is found to be introvert, the class teacher can seat him down, speak and build up his confidence. Students at large should be taught the value of love and affections towards one another. In reverse, anger management workshop should also enable students how best to manage their aggression.


Whenever, any students is depressed and contemplating taking to up guns and destruction one or two of his friend might come to be aware , at this junction, authorities should be informed immediately for timely actions.


Discovering depressions and loneliness in students early enough and offering timely solutions can go a long way to stop students from going hay-wired with gun shootings and indiscriminate killings.