Weapons used in school violence


School violence is a very serious problem and it needs to be prevented earlier in order to make nation grow with prosperity. Due to school violence many students refuse to go to schools. They develop a sort of fear in their mind that it is not safe to go to schools. These types of activities are disturbing students, teachers, parents and even the country as well. For the right future of students, government and school administrators should take proper actions against school violence as then only the situation can be improved.
When a student becomes violent then he/she can use any type of weapons. Nowadays the school students are turning to be very violent and the biggest problem is they even don’t regret for their wrong acts. But how do the kids get weapons? If anyone will go deep into this question then he will find the answer as well. Generally many people weapons for the purpose of business or security purpose. Children are eager about these new things and sometimes they use them which are harmful for everyone.
According to the surveys carried out it has found that 22% of the students carry some sort of weapons with them in the schools. The weapons are prohibited according to the laws but without any security in the school premises such activities are going on.
Generally violent students use weapons like steel rods, revolver, ballistic knife, switch able knife, razor blade, bat, flailing instrument, nanchaku and many other weapons. Not just that, according to a recent report more than 30 percent of the youth own firearm and according to the Centre for Disease Control national study approximately 20 percent high school students carry weapons to the school. This number can even go high if strict actions are not taken well in time.  
Approximately 270 deaths took place due to the violent activities in the schools all over the nation since 1992. Thus it is very important to keep a check on school violence as it is indeed a very serious problem that can destroy the life and career of any student.
In order to prevent school violence certain measure should be taken on the behalf of teachers and parents as well. It is advised that the schools have metal detectors for detecting weapons. They must have tight security and protection through guards. The school administration should take strict measures if a child is found with weapons. The punishment should be so severe that it must work as an example to other students.
On the part of parents, it is important that they should keep all their weapons out of reach of their children. If possible, they should even don’t let their children know that they have some injurious weapons like guns or pistols. Along with that, parents should also check that their children are not playing violent games or watching violent movies. The little brain of a child is required to be kept away from all sort of violent activities. He is required to concentrate only on studies and not on any other thing.