Tips on How a Teacher Can Help Prevent Acts of Violence At School

In the past, the school is considered to be a safe place.  Today, with the recent increase of school violence it gives a notion that the school is a more dangerous place than that of a battlefield.  Because of school violence, the process of learning and development has been seriously put into jeopardy, not to mention that violent children are seriously putting their future at risk along with the future of the other students.  The Department of Education and CDC have released a report stating that students between the ages of 12 to 18 are encountering problems aligned with school violence, with it becoming very common in all schools today.

The responsibility to reduce and even eliminate this kind of violence is addressed to all parents, school officials and teachers alike, with the teachers in the front line.

Here are some steps the teachers can do to reduce such problems –

·         Proper love and affection – as long as the teachers are able to provide the proper amount of affection and love that the kids are looking for, then violent behaviors can easily be reduced.  It is proven that a child will follow and do the things an adult says once they feel that they are loved by them.  This in turn is a step in reducing such violent tendencies which can cause more problems in the future if remained unchecked.

·         Counseling – teachers can also provide counseling to students who needs it.  Through counseling, a child is able to relax and get satisfaction on the things that they do.  In addition, career counseling is also another way to help students in deciding which career path to take and on ways on how to achieve it.

·         Strict Action – teachers must make a firm stand against acts of violence in school.  They may take strict actions against students who act violently in school.  This way, other students will be afraid in trying to do any violent activities, and thus eliminating the chance that such incident it reoccur.

·         Meditation – teachers may teach and practice meditation with the children.  It has been proven that meditating relaxes the mind, body and soul.

·         Well trained teachers – teachers should be trained properly when it comes to child psychology.  Properly trained teachers are better equipped with the skills necessary to help students better.

·         Individual talks with students can also be done by teachers.  This way, a teacher will be able to know more about the student, and in turn the student will have some way of venting out their problems and frustration through talking with their teacher.  Thus teachers will also have a way in assisting students on how they can resolve their problems.

·         Each and every student has different abilities, and assignments can be given to them with basis on that particular ability.  In an event that a student commits a mistake, the teacher should confront the student politely and discuss ways in correcting that mistake.  On the other hand, if a student is faced with a difficult situation, the teacher should be ready to extend a helping hand.

·         Establish classes on anger management – This kind of class will provide students on ways on how to control their anger and in turn reduces violent tendencies.

·         Classes on conflict resolution – This certain kind of class will provide students with the correct knowledge on how they can solve any conflict without the use of violence.

·         Most of all, teachers should be sensitive to his students actions and behavior.  If a certain student is manifesting a violent behavior, then the teacher must inform the parents about it and a sincere talk with the student.

Being considered as a student’s secondary parents, teachers are always expected to help out in preventing any form of violent behavior of children.