How to address school violence?


People are very much concerned about the issue of school violence. This issue has created a large amount of panic in the whole world. Parents are scared of sending their kids to schools. They don’t want to lose their kids at the cost of schools.
School violence gives rise to an important question that why children are becoming violent?
There are many reasons because of which children are turning towards violence. They incur violence in their attitude and then they show it in the schools. But this kind of school violence should be stopped definitely and only parents, teachers and schools can make an effort in this direction. So they should make efforts in this direction.
Reasons because of which children are becoming violent-
  • Lack of affection, love and care from the teachers, parents and schools. They feel that they are alone in this world and nobody is concerned about them.
  • Depression, stress and anxiety among students also lead to violence. The students of today are having large amount of pressure and this pressure give rise to stress and tension.
  • Government has not made strict rules on the availability of weapons to the children. So illegal access of weapon is done by the children and they use these weapons in the schools.
  • Media is also playing a great role in increasing school violence. Lot of violence is being showed in the films and TV shows of today. Children watch violence from these films and TV shows and incur the same attitude.
  • Fame- some children are having the great desire to be famous. But they are unable to fulfill their desire by right means like by doing well in studies or sports so they adopt the wrong way of violence. By performing violent acts in schools they do become famous but not in positive sense they become famous in negative sense.
  • If no guidance is being provided to the children then they get distracted easily and chances are there that they become violent.
All above mentioned are the reasons because of which students are exhibiting violent acts in schools.
Steps that can be taken to reduce this violence-
  • Government should not allow the easy access of weapons to the children. They should make strict restriction on the availability of weapons to the kids.
  • Children are not aware of the fact that what is right or wrong. They do whatever they see or learn. So it the most important duty of the parents and teachers to tell them the difference between good and bad so that they can easily judge on their own.
  • Teachers and parents should try to interact more and more with the kids and should help them in their difficulties.
  • Parents should check the kinds of films and shows they are watching. They should not be allowed to watch anything that includes violence.
Violent attitude can be reduced easily if necessary steps are being laid in the right direction by schools and parents. So efforts should be done by them as this is the matter of child’s future.