Understanding school violence


As soon as a child is born, parents start building dreams about their child. They start thinking on the aspects related to his/her school, career and job etc. But if you want that the children should study properly and should achieve new heights in their career then you have to give a proper atmosphere of love and comfort to them.
If you are aware about the problem of school violence and want to save the kids from getting violent then you have to adopt following steps-
·        House atmosphere- atmosphere of the house should be good and relaxing. Child should feel proper comfort in the house. Parents should not fight or argue in front of kids. Children can learn everything easily and if you are fighting, beating or abusing each other in front of kids then they will learn it and will practice it in school.
·        Depression- if a child is facing any kind of depression then also he/she can show violent attitude in the school. So help your child if he/she is facing any kind of stress.
·        Keep an eye on child- regularly and closely observe the child and if the child is doing any kind of strange activity then you should have a word with the child. Tell him/her about the negative effects of doing it and the importance of study and a good career.
·        Problem in solving difficulties- if a child is facing any kind of difficulty in solving problems then also he/she can become violent. So if you want to prevent children from getting violent, help them in their problems.
·        Give them proper love and affection- parents and teachers both should give proper amount of love and affection to the child. Without proper affection and care the child can become violent but if you are providing proper guidance and support then he/she will not become violent.
·        Fame- it may be possible that children are showing school violence because they want to be famous in school.  They feel that all students and teachers will know them if they will show such kind of attitude in school. So it is the duty of parents and teachers to explain them about the negative effects of showing violence and about other better ways of getting popular.
·        Group effect- children learn a lot from their friends. If their friends are violent they will become violent too. So it is the duty of the parents to see with whom their children are playing, studying and grouping. If they will have friends who are good in studies, they will become good too and this in turn improves their career as well.
·        Stress management and conflict resolution classes- schools should arrange classes for anger and stress management. These kinds of classes will tell children that there are other ways of fighting violence as well rather than getting physical. One can resolve conflict just by talking to the person rather than threatening or beating him/her.
Parents and teachers should give attention on all these aspects if they want to prevent or reduce school violence.