What Can Teachers Do to Contribute in Preventing School Violence

There are a lot of ways that a teacher can do to contribute in reducing or preventing school violence.  Below are some of those ways:

·         Proper knowledge of child psychology – teachers should be trained in this area.  With proper training a teacher will be able to understand children better.  This way, it will be easier for the teacher to help the student solve his problems.

·         Assignments – students should be given assignments according to the child’s abilities.  Teachers should avoid comparing a student with another as this might result in self pity and depression, and can also hurt a student’s pride which in turn will lead into violent behavior toward other students.

·         Mistakes – once a student makes a mistake, the teacher should call it to the student’s attention.  Talk with them politely, and explain to them their mistake and how to correct it.

·         Proper support and guidance – teachers are considered to be a student’s second parent, with that they are expected to give proper guidance and support to students, especially during times of difficulty.  By providing the proper support, the student avoids falling into a state of depression thus eliminating a possible violent behavior.  The teachers too have the responsibility the development of children and in providing them a good future.

·         Meditation – teachers can set up an extra-curricular activity like meditation classes/clubs.  Practicing meditation relaxes the body and provides a soothing experience for the mind.  It cleanses and calms the soul.  Meditation, when done regularly, provides children with a way to calm them and eliminates the need for violent outbursts of emotions.

·         Individual talks – teachers are encouraged to have private and individual talks with the students.  This kind of talk provides the teacher with a way to learn more about the student, and the student has a way to vent out their problems.  This way, a teacher will be able to know the problems a student is facing and will be able to provide solutions and help the student to resolve them.  In an event that the student’s violent behavior is because of the atmosphere at home, then the teacher will be able to talk with the parents, providing them with guidance and proper instructions to help correct the problem.

·         Weapons – guards should receive proper instructions from teachers on how to conduct regular checks on the student’s lockers and bags.  Should any kind of weapon be found, the guard needs to inform the higher authorities in school about it.  When schools take strict action towards bringing of weapons to school, it reduces the incidents of school violence.

·         Classes – teachers can set up different classes that tackle various fields like anger management, career classes and conflict resolution.  Anger management and conflict resolution classes will help the student in controlling their anger, and will also provide them with proper ways of resolving conflicts and problems.  Career classes will help the student in discovering the proper career that will fit their line of interest and in way help them in choosing the correct path to take towards a better future. 

As long teachers follow these steps, they will be able to guide the children better, and in turn provide them with the right moral values that are necessary in building a better future.   The role a teacher plays on a child’s life is so important that it is imperative that teachers live up to the expectations.