Contribution of Teachers in Stopping School Violence

Teachers are the ones who can put an end to school violence if they do it tactfully and diplomatically. Read on to find out why I have made such a statement.


  • A teacher should understand and take note of all the activities of their students inside the classroom. If they find out anything suspicious then it is their duty to sort that out at the earliest.
  • For example if they find any rivalries between two students or a group of students then the teacher should talk with them and resolve the issue.
  • The teacher should not be severe on the students who are slightly mischievous. This is because children tend to develop hatred very easily and if they are given severe punishments they will easily become victims of psychological pressure and stress and will be potential causers of violence inside the school.
  • However punishments should be given to the students who do not bend to advice or counseling. But make sure that the punishments never go overboard. And once the students have been given the punishments the teacher should talk with the students in private to ensure that he understands the whole situation and realize his folly.
  • Had the teacher left as such, the child would have never understood the real purpose of the punishment and he would be avenging the beatings.
  • Teachers should understand the fact that students love to be loved. So a teacher should keep in mind the fact that they should show some kind of affection and care towards their students. Few words of praise and appreciation would do the job for you.
  • The teacher should be tactful in dealing with the violent students. They should at first try and make him understand on the ill effects of having a violent attitude. If the child pays no heed to your words then the next step you should take is to contact the parents of the child rather than informing the school authorities. It is because school authorities might be severe on this violent child and the future of that violent child might be spoiled.
  • So try to talk to the parents of that particular violent child in order to make him straight. This will not only help the student but also will help the parent in understanding their mistakes as well.
  • Teachers should implement methods like meditation and counseling to the students inside the class to ensure that they grow up with a calm and composed mindset. Meditation helps in reforming a violent child.


The role of a teacher in stopping school violence does not end here. A teacher has to be innovative and inventive in all his/her actions that are intended in reducing and stopping school violence. The above mentioned methods are very useful in creating a good rapport between the student and the teacher. A healthy relation between a student and a teacher cuts off the chances of school violence by a great deal.