How can teachers contribute to eradicating school violence?

There are many ways of curbing the school violence and the methods that suit the style and capability of teachers may be discussed here in detail. Apart from all the research reports done on the teachers’ contribution towards the reduction of violence among the school children, the following factors and suggestions are the most commonly found items in all kinds of reports.

By understanding the psychology of children, teachers can help them better by guiding them in the right direction. Training should be given to teachers about this issue by experts in child psychology. Problems are solved using basic knowledge about the factors that influence the problem.

Giving assignments to the students will be helpful in two ways; one is that they will never have enough time for making violent thinking. Their entire focus will be on the completion of the assignments given by the teachers there. However, we should never burden them by giving ample amount of work every day. The second benefit will be that the topics you give them will need much researching from their end. This will help them understand the better half of life and will be able to make the right decision of studying well and making their future brighter.

Be polite and humble when treating children with problems or with troublesome behavior; this will make them repent and try to do their best for themselves and their surroundings. If this is not done, students will turn against everyone, including the teachers and this in turn will make them more violent in the future.

Teachers should be able to provide good guidance and support for their students; by doing so, they will get the feeling of self importance. If treats and praises are not provided to those who have done something worth the teacher’s praise, it will make the student depressed. Depression is the key to unlock very highly violent behavior and it is not wise to hand them that key.

School violence is an outcome of improper control over the minds of the children and through emotional instability of those children, whose sorrows and anger are bottled up inside them. By training them in meditation and yoga, they may be able to divert their feelings elsewhere and be relaxed. However, in the event of this not being possible, holding special classes for individual talks will help even better. They should be taken classes on self motivation, goodness in this world and about the virtues of a good person. Also, if students with conflicting opinion or grudge are allowed to make things clear by talking, they will not be showing the same outside class.

Strict policies regarding the carrying of drugs and weapons are to be framed and by monitoring the bags and belongings of the students, we can help them in avoiding the same. By using the method of rewards, students can be tempted in focusing their mind elsewhere, instead of thinking about doing illegal drug dealing or weapons possession. By making sure of this, we can prevent future problems from them in the form of school violence.