School violence issues for teachers


School violence is disturbing not only the growth of the children but it hampers the atmosphere of the school as well. Children show violent behavior in the school and as a part of this violent behavior they bring guns, knives in the school. They threaten or beat other students and teachers.


Schools are considered to be the second home of the children and it the duty of the teachers to train them and groom them in a proper and effective manner. But if students are getting violent day by day then it is a huge question on the accountability of the teachers. Parents, school staff and higher authorities of the school ask questions from the teachers about the child behavior.

Children are becoming violent due to several reasons and they are-

·        Home atmosphere- if a child is not having a good and comfortable atmosphere in the home then they become violent. If the parents of the child are constantly engaged in fights then the child will become violent as well. Teachers can ask the child about his/her home atmosphere and if the parents are fighting or creating problems at home then the teachers can counsel the parents and can tell them about the negative effects of these kinds of activities on their child.

·        Depression- if a child is suffering from depression then he/she can show this kind of absurd behavior in the school. A teacher can help in reducing this behavior by giving proper counseling to the child.

·        Television shows- teachers should ask students about the kinds of programs they are watching on the television. If they are watching violent programs then it should be stooped immediately as violent activities will have negative effects on the mind. Teachers should ask from parents also about the kind of programs they are watching on television at home.

·        Anxiety and stress- these two reasons are also making kids violent so teacher should pay attention towards these factors as well.

·        Group effect- it is a noteworthy fact that during the childhood, friends are having great impact on the child’s behavior. If a child is a part of the group in which all the members are having violent behavior then he/she will develop the same. So a teacher should try to find such kinds of groups and after finding them teacher should shuffle them.

·        Lack of counseling during difficulties- a child is becoming violent because nobody is there to guide him/her at the time of difficulty. This results in depression. So a teacher should always try to lend a helping hand to the students at the time of difficulty and should give them proper guidance and assistance.


Reducing the violent behavior of the child can be difficult but it is not at all impossible. If proper efforts are done by parents, teachers and schools then this kind of behavior can be changed.