School Violence and Teacher’s Concern

One of the most important questions which come to our mind while we discuss about school violence: Are teachers also affected by the issue of school violence? The answer is very obviously ant that is, Yes. Due to the violence at school campus, not only children but impression of a school also gets violated. Violence at school often leads to carrying dangerous weapons to the school like knife and gun. As a result of that, reports of threatening or beating of students and teachers are not uncommon.

School should be treated like our second home.  School is the place of knowledge and wisdom. Teachers are the guardian of a school and it’s their duty to train and educate all students in effective and proper manner. But as students are getting more and more violent with days it’s creating a serious question on the effectiveness of the teachers. Hence from higher authority to parents, everyone expects an explanation of the situation from the teachers.

Most common reasons for the students to become violent would be:

ü  Often the home atmosphere is a huge influence for a student to become violent. The miss-understanding with parents and constant argument can play a vital part in it. Teachers should communicate with the student in proper way. Teacher should try to find out if there is any issue regarding home which might be troubling the student. At the same time teacher can arrange regular session with parents. They can easily build a bridge between the differences of parents and students.

ü  Another important cause is depression. It often leads to very uncommon behavior. By right guidance a teacher can help to avoid it.

ü  Undoubtedly television makes the most effect in a child’s mind. It’s very important for parents to keep a track on which programs are suitable for the child. Teachers also can discuss about the good programs with the students and can advice them about the right kind of program to be followed. They can also give valuable inputs to the parents about this.

ü  The stress of higher grade and anxiety to improve in the competition often makes the students violent. Therefore it’s very important that the teacher provide a healthy and constructive guideline to the students.

ü  It’s very important that teacher also try to find the nature of the group s among the students. Often a bad group influence can lead a student to the path of violence. And if any such influence detected, the teacher should consult with the parents. Teacher also can keep a tab on such group inside school campus to discourage them any kind of violent activities.

ü  Students also face lots of difficulties and lack of proper guidance can also lead them to violence. Hence helping at time of such difficulties can be very helpful. If Specialist help needed teacher can always consult with parents and suggest them proper counselor even physiatrist.

                Children can be difficult at times but with proper steps and effective solutions we can overcome it.