Impact of a Good Teacher in Reducing School Violence

Teachers have the biggest impact in reducing school violence. Just compare the number of instances of school violence in public schools with that of a private school and you will find out the importance of a good teacher. In public schools most of the teachers do not care much about the students and all they want is to get their salary at the end of the month. This is the reason why students in public schools are not afraid to indulge in unnecessary activities. So we shall discuss about the impact of a good teacher in reducing school violence in this article.


  • A teacher has to be fair in their dealings. If you look in carefully on the root cause of school violence then you will find out that it was mainly because of jealousy and hatred. Jealousy and hatred in a child comes when the other student excels over him and there are possibilities for that child to develop jealousy if the teacher supports that child. So it is very important that a teacher is not biased in their approach.
  • They should shower words of advice to the students who feel dejected or lonely. Yes, teachers should do certain degree of counseling to help out their children.
  • A good teacher is the one who understands their students. So as a teacher it is their duty to take note of all the actions and needs of the students. If any student in the classroom seems to be sidelined or stays away from the class activities then the teacher should encourage him/her to participate in all activities. This will not only help the child in recuperating from his current problem but also will help in avoiding a possible instance of school violence.
  • Violent children must be dealt properly and carefully. The teachers must shower words of praise and advice in equal proportions. A good teacher is the one who can change the attitude of a bully child. She can talk to him in private and give certain words of advice and should try to make him understand the importance of growing up with a good name rather than a bad name.
  • A good teacher is also a strict teacher. Any action that is inappropriate for the students should not be tolerated and punished immediately. The culprit should be asked to meet the teacher in person and the teacher should talk to him in private. This will not only help the student realize his mistake but will cut off any chances of that student to develop jealousy and hatred.
  • A good teacher is the one who keeps an eye on every individual. A teacher should take care of everything that is happening inside the classroom. She should take notice of every single activity and should ensure that there are no rivalries of sorts between students or a group of students. If she finds out anything fishy then it should be sorted out immediately by talking with the concerned students.


Teachers have the biggest role in reducing school violence and they should strive hard to make school a better place.