Tips on how a teacher can prevent school violence

Today, incidents of school violence has increased so much that it not only affects the over all study habits of students it also destroyed the once good learning atmosphere in school.

If we want to put a stop to school violence, it is important that teachers do their part.  For these reasons, we have gathered about 10 things that a teacher can do to help stop these acts of violence in schools.

·         Properly trained teachers – since the teachers are considered to be a student’s second parents, they should also start to act like one.  With this mindset, it will be easier of the teacher to be able to decipher what problems students are facing.  It is also important that proper training be given to teacher that will provide them with the skills needed to help prevent or even eliminate school violence.  As well trained teacher will be able to understand a student’s problem easily, and be able to provide proper solutions and guidance for the student.

·         Practice meditation – practicing meditation will allow both teachers and students to calm not only their mind but also their body.  Sometimes referred to as brain exercise, meditation brings about relaxation, and frees the mind from any kind of stress and depression.  After all a sound mind equally translates to a sound body.

·         Anger and conflict management classes – teachers, together with the school administration should conduct regular classes of anger and conflict management.  With anger management, students are able to learn of ways on how they can control and how they should deal with their anger and irritations.  Likewise, conflict management will give students the correct steps and options on how they could resolve any conflict and misunderstandings peacefully and without any need of such violent act.  It is also advisable that inspirational and motivational speeches be given from time to time to get students to understand the meaning of life.

·         Counseling – school counselors are essential for a student’s proper development.  A good counselor will be able to provide guidance to students with regards to their problems with their studies, any personal and social issues, and even career choices.  A healthy and cool environment in school can easily be maintained if the school has appointed a good school counselor.

·         Proper guidance – if teachers are able to provide proper guidance to students during times of difficulties, then acts of violence may be completely avoided.

·         Affection to children – showing children that they are cared for and loved let’s feel more secure and this in turn let’s them do the same to others.

·         Proper security checks – regular or even daily checks of a student’s bags and lockers should always be done by the school.  This way the school will be able to know if students are carrying any kind of weapon that can be used for violence, and take proper action against it.  Guards appointed by the school are best to carry out these checks.

·         Develop other habits – children should be given ample time everyday to do and enjoy doing the things that they are interested in.  This will then turn into a habit and can help in developing their creativity.  A child who enjoys doing his habits is less prone to commit any kind of violent act.

·         Comfortable school environment – with a comfortable environment in school, students are more likely to be relaxed and interested in learning rather that thinking of other activities.

·         Observe children closely – school staff and teachers should closely monitor the behavior of students in order to spot any negative attitude.

As long as a teacher puts into practice the above tips, acts of violence in schools can surely be prevented.