How can teachers help in preventing school violence?


Gone are the days when schools were considered to be safe. Now, schools are not at all a safe place because of school violence. This school violence is hampering the process of learning and violent children are playing with their future as well as with the future of other children. According to the report presented by the Department of Education and CDC, students who are in between the age of 12 to 18 are suffering from the problems of school violence. This problem has become very common in schools.
It is the responsibility of the teachers, parents and schools to reduce this kind of violence. Teachers can play a very important role in reducing such kind of violent attitude.
Steps that can be taken by teachers-
·        Proper love and affection- if teachers are providing proper amount of love and affection to the kids then such kind of violent attitude can be reduced easily. Steps should be taken before hand to reduce violence as this can give rise to various other problems in the future.
·        Counseling- teachers can give counseling to the students. Counseling can provide satisfaction and can make them relax. Career counseling can help students in deciding what they want in future and ways of achieving it.
·        Strict action- teachers should take strict action against students who are showing violence in the schools. If teachers are taking strict action against violent students then other students will be scared of doing violent activities in schools. Strict action can easily prevent reoccurring of these activities.
·        Meditation- teachers should practice meditation along with the children. Meditation will relax the body and soul. It gives a soothing effect to the mind.
·        Trained teachers- training should be provided to the teachers related to child psychology. A trained teacher can help students in a much better way.
·        Teacher should encourage individual talks with students. This individual talk will help teachers in gaining more information about the students. Students can speak about their personal problems and teachers can tell them the ways of solving these problems.
·        Assignments should be given to the students on the basis of their ability. If a student is facing any kind of difficulty then teachers should help them. If a student has done any kind of mistake then the teacher should discuss it politely with student.
·        Classes on anger management- teachers can also provide classes on anger management. These kind of classes will help students in controlling their anger and in turn reduces violence.
·        Conflict resolution classes- teachers should provide them conflict resolution classes. These kind of classes will tell students other ways of solving conflicts rather than getting physical.
·        Teachers should always keep an eye on students and if they find any kind of suspicious activity then they should have a word with students and with their parents as well.
Teachers are considered to be the second parents of the child and they should make efforts to prevent or reduce violence among children.