The biting effects of school violence is increasing and becoming unbearable these days. It is not just drawing back the studies of the students; it is as well creating tension within the school premises.


To bring violence in school under control therefore, the following should be strictly adhered to:

1.     Love of Children:   Teachers and the school administrator should not only teach love and affections in their various classes, they should live by it. They should demonstrate genuine love to the children. This will in turn soften their mind and possibly relent on their evil ways.


2.     Engagement of Counselors/Psychologist:   By virtue of their area of specialization, they are better equipped to point directions to student both personal or social issues, academics and by extension careers ahead. Psychologically, they help to douse tension in schools by proffering solutions to the lingering problems relating to students.


3.    Timely and continuous timing of teachers by extension, teachers should see them more as parents rather than teachers. This make the teachers and students relationship an intimate one. With this, the teacher can predict to a large extent what the student is undergoing and accurately proffers solutions.


4.     Discovery and Encouragement of Hobbies:   Teachers can by one way or the other help students discover their hobbies. They can as well encourage the creativity in them by giving student time to enjoy their hobbies.


5.     Students Forum:   The school authority should at interval organize some sort of student forum. If is just the gathering of students to express their minds about some issues relating to them; then the authority can follow-up some of this points raise to the logical ends.


6.     Teach Students the Acts of Mediations:   In the process of mediation, brain is being exercise and development is naturally taken place. Environ for meditation should be stress free, no tension but cool temper. By this, students reflect on the past and then crack the hard nut present and future problems.


7.     Conducive Atmosphere:   Most students learn faster in a comfortable and serene environment. This should be consciously created as a matter of necessity.


8.     Physical Checking:   With the helping guards, school can be carried out impromptu checking of bags and lockers at interval for the purpose of the carried weapons.


9.     Anger and Conflict Management Workshops:   The school management in collaboration with its teachers should arrange classes on anger and conflict management from time to time. Better still, resource persons could even be limited from outside the school to address the assembly of students. Students can have a better understanding of life when speeches on motivation and inspiration were given to them directly. With this students would be gingered up for positive impact, there and then they will realize that there is more to life than violence.


10.          An idle mind, they say is a devils workshop. The school authority should try as much as possible to occupy and engage the students productively. They should strive to fill every vacuum and dull moment with excitements.


Finally, the combination of some or all of the above named points will naturally knock out violence in the minds of student and lasting peace will inevitably be returned to our school systems.