Contribution of teachers in curbing school violence

School violence is increasing day by day and parents are in a dilemma whether to send their children to school or not. Education in schools is no longer considered as safe due to the several reports and surveys. As an environment around the children is important for a better learning, with the violent acts in the schools, every child is being affected whether they are victimized or not.  Department of Education and the CDC reports show that the school violence cases are seen associated with children between the age group of 12 to 18.


The responsibility should be shared among the teachers, parents and the school officials in bringing down the number of violent cases by analyzing and working on the students violent behavior.


Effective Steps in reducing school violence


  • Right attitude: The students when treated with right attitude would not be moving towards the violence. They should be understood and the proper care should be taken to give emotional support to the affected child whenever they need it.
  • Shaping of future: Career choice is the motivating factor in shaping the individual. Proper counseling and career programs can help the student in overcoming the stress involved in choosing the right career.
  • Appropriate Action: When no action is taken against the student creating violent environment, then it would be encouraging for other students to behave in the same way. In fact, the students showing violent behavior would not stop until they understand that they would be penalized.
  • Calm your mind body and soul: One of the methods for releasing anxiety is meditation. Yoga is the best way to relax mind and have a peaceful thought and it in turn removes aggression and relieves stress.
  • Psychology training: Teachers must be trained on the child psychology and they can immensely help in changing the minds of the students involved in the violent behavior.
  • One on one session: A personal talk with the children to know how they feel about the environment around them and gaining confidence can provide the necessary help to the students emotionally and also to the teachers in reducing possibility of violence.
  • Incomplete Assignments: When the assignments are not completed by the students they generally get into an inferiority complex and develop depression and emotional distress. Teachers are advised to check the ability of the students before giving the assignments.
  • Anger Management Classes: Anger is the main cause of destruction in the student life and it is very important to maintain and manage that emotion as it is very destructive.
  • Resolution of Disputes: Classes on how to resolve the conflicts and the disputes would be helpful in properly negotiating with the peer member instead of using violence as a media of resolution.
  • Proper Monitoring: Those showing suspicious behavior should be monitored carefully so that they can be reported to their parents first to take further actions. A proper monitoring and an early response to the results can be efficient in many ways.


When the above points are followed by the teachers then it will be easy to reduce this number drastically.