Ways Teachers Can Prevent School Violence

School violence is a concern for teachers regardless of their amount of experience. And when it comes to identifying potential incidents of school violence, it has been found that at least one other student knew that the event was going to occur. If teachers are able to tap into this, then acts of violence within the school can be prevented.

Here are some ways that teachers can help prevent school violence:

  • Responsibility is not limited to the classroom – Most teachers feel that their responsibility beings when they enter their classroom and ends when they leave it. Instead of sitting at the desk between classes, it is ideal to stand at your door at the beginning of the day, during class changes, and at the end of the day in order to monitor the halls. Bullying and other violence can be prevented and stopped
  • Maintain a prejudice-free classroom – This means keeping the classroom free of stereotypes and any kind of prejudice. If any prejudiced comments are heard, to leave it outside of the classroom and the school. The classroom is supposed to be a safe place for everyone.
  • Get involved with anti-violence organizations – Many schools have student-led anti-violence organizations that both students and teachers can join. You can become a club sponsor and use the opportunity to learn more about the violence occurring in the school and ways to prevent it.
  • Listen to idle-chatter – Every classroom experiences a little downtime, which is a great opportunity for teachers to listen to the chatter going on in the room. When grading papers or catching up on other work, try to listen to what the students are talking about in order to identify anything that could potentially lead to violence.
  • Change in behavior – Pay close attention to changes in student behavior. These changes include depression, sudden lack of interest in class, outbursts, and any other behavioral changes.
  • Encourage discussion – Initiate a discussion in class regarding violence and get input from the students on how to prevent it.
  • Participate in school-wide initiatives – By participating in initiatives that focus on preventing violence and responding to emergencies, you will become aware. You can also work on ways to prevent violence within the school.
  • Get parents involved – Just as you need to communicate with your students regarding violence and ways to prevent it, parents need to become involved as well.

Through exercising these steps as a teacher, the incidence of school violence is reduced. When students feel that they have an advocate in their corner and they know that there are alternatives, they may be less likely to engage in violent activity. By keeping your eyes and your ears open, you are able to make a considerable difference.