Alarming Facts about Gangs That You Need to Know

With the amount of gang activity going on in the world and particularly our high schools, it’s surprising that so few parents know the realities of gangs and the risks that they pose for our children and community. The presence of gangs in our schools is a serious problem that has the ability to ruin our children’s lives which is why parents need to find out all they can about gangs in order to better protect they’re kids. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that gangs are a harmless group of kids that are just being a little rebellious. And, don’t think that your child would never even think of joining a gang because the truth is that most parents have no clue about a child’s gang involvement until something bad has happened.

The reality of what gangs really are and what they do can send shivers down your spine. These alarming facts about gangs will astound you and make you see just why you need to do your part in keeping your kids out of gangs.

The Cold Truth

  • Gangs have been shown to be one of the leading factors in the growth of violent crimes in recent years both on and off school property.
  • To become a gang member an initiation usually needs to be passed. This often consists of violent acts like fighting, drive-by shootings, gang rape and murder.
  • Gang involvement puts your child at risk of getting arrested, getting badly hurt or even getting killed.
  • Gang involvement almost always included alcohol and drug use.
  • Your child’s involvement in a gang puts your entire family at risk for retaliation from other gangs that they have messed with.
  • Many members of youth gangs go on to be adult offenders who spend much of their lives in and out of prison—if they live that long.
  • Most gang members end up dropping out of school or being expelled.
  • If your child is in a gang then he or she is likely around and even handling guns and other weapons.

After reading those facts about gangs you may wonder why it is that any kid would want to be a part of something like that, but the truth is that most of the time they, just like the parents, are not aware of the realities of gang life. Ignorance is just one reason why a kid might join a gang. Other reasons include; peer pressure, wanting to feel as if they belong, thinking that power will make them popular and loved, intimidation and more. That’s why it’s important for you to do your part and inform your child about the realities of joining a gang.