Stories of Gang Initiation that Will Make You Think Twice

Some kids find the idea of being in a gang to be somehow glamorous. Pop culture has done a pretty good job of dressing it up and making the impressionable believe that being in a gang is somehow cool or fun. With the way gangs are depicted in the media it’s not to surprising that some kids would fall prey to a gang and get sucked in, in search of the power and acceptance that they crave. But, to get into a gang isn’t just something you do. You have to earn your membership by passing an initiation that is decided by the other gang members and these initiations are anything but glamorous or fun.

Before you consider gang involvement it may benefit you to know just what some other kids and teens who joined gangs have reported doing as a part of their initiation. Knowing the real truth about getting into gangs just may be the wake up call you need.


Gang members and investigators have reported the following acts as a part of gang initiation;

  • Fighting another gang member, usually until the last man is standing
  • Killing an animal, often times someone’s beloved pet
  • Theft ranging from petty theft to car theft and even muggings with a weapon
  • Drive-by shootings
  • Gang rape
  • Murder
  • For female gang members; degrading sexual acts with groups of men and women

How does all of that sound to you? Members of gangs have reported being seriously injured as a result of their gang initiation while others have been arrested for the crimes committed during initiation. Females who have been through initiation have reported many of the same things along with having become pregnant because of sex forced on them during gang initiation. And sadly there are also those who aren’t around to report what they did in order to try to get into a gang because they died in the process, usually beaten to death or shot dead.

If you’re looking to get noticed or are longing for respect and a sense of belonging, a gang is not the way to go no matter how appealing someone may make it seem. Getting into a gang can be like suicide and getting out of a gang has been said to be even more dangerous. And what’s in between? You can count on a loss of freedom since gang leaders will tell you what to do and you can also count on getting hurt, getting a criminal record and possibly even getting killed—all in the name of being in a gang. It’s just not worth it.