How does media promote violence in school?

School violence is becoming a huge issue in schools around the world and especially the schools in the United States of America where the cases of school violence and attacks are being reported the most.


The students who indulge in violence are not only adults but there are some kids too who indulge in such violence and the sad part is that they even sometimes kill other people. The reason being not only their anger or depression but also the easy availability of weapons in the United States of America which these students make use of in a very illegal and unethical way by killing their fellow students and friends.


The media should also be blamed for promoting violence among students. There are lot of movies and TV shows coming up which are loaded with violent content and these movie makers think that more the violence, the better the chances of their shows doing well. But these film makers do not look at the bigger picture and understand how big an impact these violence in their movies can have on the children. These films not only exhibit violence but also show different and new weapons and also how people must use these weapons effectively. There are also different strategies of threatening people being shown on television which these children make use of in their real life.


The internet is also not lagging behind in spreading violence. There are numerous websites available on the internet which gives lot of information about how differently can people use weapons and abuse other people. The children see all these things and learn it very quickly.


Nowadays both the parents are working and are not able to find time to check on their children and find out as to what are they doing when they are alone and what are they watching on television. They should follow their kids’ activities and stop them from watching violent stuff on television as that promotes violence in their lives too. If they are successful in implementing these strategies, then violence can be brought down to a great extent.


So it is very important that the parents keep an eye on their children and watch their activities. If they want they can also get lots of information on the net as to how should they deal with their kids. Moreover, getting information online is also not that very difficult. You just have to sit in front of the computer, get access to the internet and type school violence in any search engines. There would be a spurt of information coming on your screen as soon as you click the search option on the search engine.


The media people should also understand the feelings of the kids and show content which is appropriate and right. In this way, the media would not only be able to reduce violence in the society but would also be able to create a good image for themselves among the parents community.