School Violence and Media

Violence in schools is increasing at a terribly high speed. It is necessary to control this growing violence at proper time or else it will go put of hands. Small children are involved into these violent activities and they are not even afraid of killing someone of their same age. These kids use weapons openly in schools and in nearby areas. Kids easily buy these weapons as there is not specific law implemented on purchasing of weapons. Media plays an important role in this increasing violence. These days television programs and movies have a lot of violence. For increasing the TRP rate of the channel producers and directors use lot of violent scenes so as to attract high amount of viewers.

These violent scenes create mental imbalance in the mind of small kids and this results into violent behavior. These movies and television programs also show the use of weapons. Hence, it becomes easy for kids to learn to use a weapon. These programs also give children new ideas of killing people. Similar to television programs and movies internet is another media that helps in increasing violence in schools. There are many different websites on internet that teach to use weapons. Using these websites children easily learn the use of weapons. Also these websites give many different ways of violence and killing people. These websites are easily accessible and children use tips from these websites for threatening people.

Children who watch such television programs, movies or surf internet go through mental imbalance resulting in fear, anxiety and anti-social behavior. It is not possible for parents to keep continuous check on the behavior of their child because of their own busy life. Whole day parents work and they can’t stop the children from using any type of media or going out with friends. But to stop this violent behavior, remedial majors must be taken by parents and stop their kids from watching such violent media programs.

Parents should use different methods to keep an eye on the kid. They can fit hidden cameras in the house so that they will come to know every movement of their child. Similarly using different software’s to stop the kid from using some internet websites is necessary. These type of software’s ban the child from using certain websites. If parents see even a slight change in the behavior of their child, it is their duty to immediately approach to school as well as psychiatrists for conducting counseling programs for the child. These counseling programs will help the child to be free enough to share his views and it will be easy to reduce the violent behavior.

Parents can also search remedies for violent behavior of their child on internet. Along with violent websites internet also provides a great help for parents to control such as violent behavior. There are many websites that help in keeping a proper check on the kid so that parents come to know each and every thing what the child do. Hence, it is the duty of parents to control the violent behavior of their child. Similarly media should also help in controlling school violence by not showing violent scene in serials and movies.