Part of media in school violence

Violence that is occurring in schools is a terrible issue for the whole world especially for the schools of United States of America because the problem of school violence is largely seen in the schools that are situated in the United States of America.
It is quite shocking that children of very small age are exhibiting violent acts in the schools. Not only this, they are not even afraid of killing other students. They are using weapons and killing people without any fear. United States of America is not having strict laws on the purchase of weapons so kids can easily access these weapons. They buy these weapons easily and use them over other people.
Media is also playing an important role in increasing violence. If you see the films of today or TV shows then you will find that they are showing huge amount of violence. In order to make their film or TV serial effective and great they show violence in them. Directors and producers of such serials do not pay attention on the fact that such violent scenes will create mental imbalance in the minds of the children watching them. They are seeing violent things in films and learning them. Weapons are being used in the films and children are also learning the use of weapon from these films. Not only this, TV serials and films of today are showing new ways for threatening and killing people so children are learning these new ways as well.
Internet is also playing a great role in increasing school violence. Web sites are available on the internet that can tell large number of ways for threatening people and new ways for hurting others. Children are accessing these websites in large amount and learning the new acts of violence from them
Parents are too busy in their life. So they never pay attention on the fact that what children are watching. It is the duty of the parents to see that whether they are watching good TV shows and films or not but parents of today fail to understand it. This ignorance of parents leads to violence among children. If a film or a TV show is containing large amount of violence then the children should not be allowed to watch these films. By doing this violence can be prevented easily.
So parents should keep an eye on children and regularly watch their habits. If they need any kind of information related to school violence then a large amount of information is easily available on the internet. Extracting information from the internet is a pretty convenient option because you don’t have to go anywhere. Just switch on the personal computer or laptop and go to Google. In Google type school violence and you will be able to access a large amount of information on school violence.
Media should also understand that it is their responsibility to show things that incur positive attitude rather than showing something that give rise to negative thinking. If media is able to understand it then it becomes easy to reduce or prevent violence.