Media coverage on school violence

The United States of America has been greatly affected by school violence. Due to such activities student's interest towards studies and school is going down each day. A school shooting incident reported by the media made the public explode out of anger. Five attacks were also reported by the media in a period of two months for year 2006 and 2007. Three out the five shooting incidents reported entail those caused by outsiders. It is very alarming that shooting cases are  caused by not only students but also outsiders  who cause destruction allover.


The reasons as to why school violence takes place are disagreement due to romantic relations or interest of property, fights taking place  in gangs and  lack of guidance  and advice by the guardian or parent, influence or  peer pressure where students feel that as a group they can work as a team in meeting their needs and lastly  harassment from teachers which may force students to be aggressive. The above mentioned reasons are the major causes of violence in schools. Those greatly affected are the middle and high schools.


The media plays a significant role in broadcasting and covering  incidents of school violence.  In  year 2003, a report given by the media showed that roughly more than fourteen percent of children have performed bullying. This number is very alarming which seems dangerous when one gets to know that the number of students involved in violent action is twice as much as mentioned earlier.  In year 2003, approximately fifty out of the two hundred incidents on school violence are related with gangs. To  completely show how serious the situation  is getting out of hand, high school gang  association is becoming like the fashion industry both in  urban and larger areas.


Many students involve themselves with such kind of groups that have no support from family members and friends and feel that involving themselves in such doings will offer them a sense of community and security. The gang students are disturbing the environment for studying and creating trouble in the schools for fellow students. Apart from the gangs, other children have also involved themselves in school violent activities. They attend school in possession of weapons such as knives, revolver and other sharp objects in shools. Various information on Virginia school violence has been made  by the media in year 2002 and 2003. The data found was ;


Cases which took place on bullying were 22.5% that is approximately four thousands three hundred and fifty two. A sum of nineteen thousands three hundred and forty six cases  were reported out of which one thousands and twelve incidents were those from inappropriate touching which is more or less 5.2% of the whole sum of school violent actions.

 A percentage of 1.27 incidents are reported on ownership or access of an illegal weapon and physical attacks which is more or less two hundred and thirty seven.


In the year 2001 and 2002, over 180 students in Virginia were found in possession of firearms within the school compound. Reports of  serious attacks that took place on 20, April 1999 in Columbine high School, Colorado and the USA was reported by the media. Two students killed twelve students and a teacher, 21 children were injured directly along with three people who incurred injuries while trying to escape.