The attention of students in the direction of school academics and quality studies is decreasing at an alarming rate in almost everyday. This is the direct consequence of incessant school violence which have drastically negates the system of education in the United State of America.


The entire citizenry are displeased and generally hostile each time the extent of school shooting is reported by the media. Between the year 2006-2007 alone, media record statistics revealed five separate attacks within 2 months. Three, going by further analysis from the five involved shooting by the non students of the school. That not only the students within the schools alone, but competitors and passerby also are seriously indicted in this heinous violence calls for deliberation as a matter of urgency.


We cannot keep talking the effects of school violence without mentioning the causes. Nearly all the reported violence in both high school and middle school circles round the under listed points. These cause, therefore can be best summarized thus:

1.        Gang warfare/violence.

2.        Clash of interest in possession, ownership or romantic.

3.        Suicidal death or killings.


What then is role of media in the coverage and broadcasting of violence in our school? In 2003, student bullying accounts for about 14% of this violence going by a media report. Not only that percentage is considerable, it is even more dangerous and disturbing when the reality is done on you that about 28% of these students are actively involved in the crime. Still talking of the year 2003, nearly 50 instances out of 220 occurrences of the school violence confirmed were closely linked with gangs. This monster called the school violence is dangerously becoming widespread in our high school, the recruitment into gang membership in the cities as now fashionable. Loneliness of most students as a result of abandonment from parents, family members and friends prompts many to join and identify with these gangs. The gangs in turn provide them shield and a sense of belonging collectively, they become a menace, threat and create tension to the school atmosphere.


Many more students also participate in this violent activity in addition to the gang students. They move about in school with many deadly and automatic weapons, knives and many more.


Between the years 2002-2003, the data on Virginia school violence according to the media report are listed below:

From the total number of 19,346 instances of school violence:

1.          Bullying took 4,352 which is 23%

2.          Inappropriate touching happened in 1,012 times, meaning 5.2%

3.          Weapons and assaults was reported in 237 times which is 1.3%


Over 180 students in Virginia were found with firearms within the school compound in the year 2001-2002. Bombs and automatic pistol can be categorizes into this group but excluding the bb and toy guns.


Two students were reported committed suicide after they had killed 12 students and 1 teacher. In the deadly violence, news report, according to what the media made available to us on Columbine High School, Colorado, USA. On April 20, 1999 still on the same violence, 21 students were injured on the scene where 3 suffered various injuries in the process of trying to escape.


The extent and severity of school violence can best be understood by many more instances of the media reports.