Movies A way of promoting school violence

Movies play a vital role in school violence. There are many violent scenes in movies that disturb the psychology of small children resulting into mental imbalance. Every movie has certain bullying scenes that affect eh innocent mind of children. These movies can be historic ones or even animated movies especially made for kids. Movies usually show a scene where the villain bullies the hero or the heroine and their children and then at the end hero makes everything perfect. So the concept that the power is in the hands of mean people. Children try to act like the villains in the movie and think that the power is in their hands.

All this is caused due to violent movies. These scenes are theoretical but kids don’t have that capability of understanding what is good and what is bad. There are movies that depict scenes where bullying is not only done mentally but also physically. This makes the children disturbed and then if something goes against their thinking, they try to behave in same manner. Other movies show a lot of destruction and violence and make the hero, an icon in front of the eyes of viewers. Kids try to behave in the same manner as their icon and go violent. These kids never understand the good and bad parts of the movie.

It is the duty of the parents to stop the kids from watching movies that have a lot of destruction and violence. Parents should avoid their kids from watching movies which are censored as ‘A’ or even ‘U/A’ Adult movies. This will make the children watch movies of their age. Then let it be simple cartoons or animated movies. Children’s should also be stopped from using other media where they can get to know about violence and bullying. Parents should be watchful of their kids. Parents should also take certain precautions for themselves so as to stop the kid from behaving in violent manner.

Parents must avoid watching violent movies in front of their kids. If dad or mom I watching a violent movie in front of the kid, it will create a great impact on the mind of kid and later when no one is there at home, they will watch the movie. Also it is better not to use slang language in front of kids. Kids are very keen and eager to learn new things. If a new word is used in front of them, they immediately catch that word and use it in their daily conversation.

Other remedial measure can be keeping an eye on the company in the school by approaching teachers from time to time. This will help in keeping a check on all activities of the kid. if parents see some changes in the behavior of the child, it is necessary to talk to him openly. If the child is not ready to open up do not hesitate in approaching a psychologist. Child psychologist carry out counseling sessions and help the child from getting out of the mess where the child is been trapped in. certain measures taken by school, teachers and parents will reduce school violence.