United States of America being a peace loving country in the committee of nations is grossly suffering from the grip of school violent domestically. Though it is understandable that the issue is universal, but the biting effect is becoming unbearable with all the Americans.


More disturbing these days are the children that are barely wined from breast being cut in the act of violence in school. As they get engrossed in their mindless acts, they are not even afraid to kill or be killed. As the government is seemingly weak in the control of arms, most especially among children, the student on their part maximize the loophole to their wicked advantage.


Media exposure has also negatively impacted on the children through their violence. TV show series, movies, and video games. It is believed that children are not usually put in consideration in most of the production of these series. The sophisticated weapons being used and the new ways various crimes are being committed while the children innocently watch along.


Besides, internal facilities also contribute largely to the so called violence in school. Children have access to uncountable number of websites where they read as many as crime relates issues as they desire. In some cases, they even watch some videos life even in the corner of their rooms.


Parents that are expected to control these are too busy to exercise this control even at the expense of the future of their children. Children are then left alone to exploit the negligence of their parents to their own destructions.


Parents are therefore advised to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times. Parents can as well exploit the opportunities made available by Google to search more on school violence related issues.


Media should be reminded that they suppose to be agents of socialization and positive change and not otherwise. They should always put the interest of children at heart in the process of writing and production.


With the above measure, school violence will soon be eradicated in our society.