School violence media coverage


ncidents on school violence have greatly affected the education system of United States of America and due to these activities the interest of students towards school and studies is decreasing day-by-day. 
When media reported a school shooting incident, the people of the nation were with anger. Media has also recorded five attacks within two months for the year 2006-2007. Out of these five, three shooting involves shooting by outsiders in the schools. It is a matter of serious concern that in schools besides students, outsiders also commit crime and create destruction everywhere.
Most of the school violence occurs due to reasons which are mentioned as follows: -
  • Disputes occur due to property interest or romantic interest.
  • Fight occurring in the gangs.
  • Last is suicide.
Due to the above mentioned categories, majority of incidents of the school violence occurs. High schools and middle schools are greatly affected by school violence.
Media plays a very important role in covering and broadcasting school violence. According to a report of media, approximately more than fourteen percent of the students have performed bullying in the year 2003. This is a significant number and it seems dangerous when you come to know that twice the numbers of students as mentioned above are now engaged in violent acts. In the year of 2003, the incident on school violence reveals that out of 220 incidents, approximate 50 cases are associated with gangs. In larger and urban areas, high school gang membership is now more like a fashion and that is enough to show how serious this problem of school violence is.
Most of the students get involved with these gangs who have lost support from the friends and family members as it gives them sense of security and community. These gang students are creating nuisance in the schools and disturbing the environment of schools.
Besides the gang students other students have also involved in violent activities. They carry weapons like revolver, knives etc in the schools.
Media has found various data on the Virginia school violence in the year 2002-2003 which are mentioned as follows: -
  • A total of 19,346 cases are reported in total and out of which there are 1,012 incidents for inappropriate touching which is about 5.2% of the total school violent activities.
  • About 4,352 i.e. 22.5% cases happened on bullying.
  • Approximately 237 i.e. 1.27% cases are reported on weapons and physical assaults.
During the year 2001-2002 more than 180 students in Virginia were found with firearms in the school premises. Starter pistols and bombs fall in the category of “firearms” but not the toy guns and bb guns.
The media also revealed the reports of serious violence in the Columbine High School, Colorado, United States on 20, April 1999 where two students killed twelve students and one teacher. In this incident, 21 students got injured directly along with 3 other people who got injuries while they were attempting to escape. After this incidence they committed suicide.
There are many other cases of school violence revealed by media that clearly shows the intensity of this problem.