A Brief Introduction Of School Violence

The term ‘school violence’ defines the type of violent acts committed by students inside the school premises. Some examples of school violence are gang war, bullying fellow schoolmates, raging by senior students to specially juniors, physical and mental torture by fellow schoolmates, torturing school staffs, theft, etc. These kinds of incidents are happening on a daily basis on school premises all around the world. The most extreme cases happened in the United States of America where students tend to carry guns, knives and other weapons to help them win fights.


Students are the pillars of every country and schools are the place where they are nurtured to become successful in their life. Schools are considered as heavens as they were the safest place on the neighborhoods where children are monitored by the school authorities and teachers. Parents are afraid to send their children to schools as the place is becoming a warzone for gangs and hunting ground for the bullies. Because of this increase in violent activities on school premises, it is now considered as hell to the victims of the violent activities. Parents around the world are disturbed and concerned by the level of increase in such activity as the school administrations are being helpless in stopping or subduing these activities. 


There are a lot of factors that come into play when these children develop such arrogant and aggressive nature. The roles of parents, teachers, friend circle, mental state etc are some of the things that help him/her grow such nature. But the most important role is played by the parents as they are first people who are supposed to guide their children to a bright future. Parents should teach their children to behave properly at an early age. Proper attention and care should be provided to ensure that the child is not facing any mental pressure. The child should be monitored closely by his/her parents on the kind of behavior he/she is developing towards others. Ill manner and behavior should be dealt with at an early age by advises rather than harsh or rough punishments. Arrogant nature in a child cannot occur within days, they tend to develop such nature slowly.


A child should be brought up in a good atmosphere and environment. Bad parents result into a child inheriting the negative attitude from them. A child learns and inherits certain characteristics at an early age from his/her parents. Children tend to look up and follow the footsteps of their parents. So parents should try being a good role model to their children and providing a healthy environment to grow up. They should also advice on matters regarding school problems or friends and pass the right and wise for decisions them to decide, so that he/she can learn from the solution and act accordingly in the near future.


A violent child can be diverted with the right amount of attention and affection given. Though it may take some time but children tend to understand their mistakes and heal eventually.