The General Characteristics of Violent Children

The violence that is associated with our schools these days is taking a very dangerous dimension that can no longer be watched as it looms larger, claiming more and lives and endangering many others. It is a worthy venture to look into the general profile of these youngsters with a view to understanding the factors that influence them to engage into the ungodly act. An online Non Governmental Organization called Copper Wiki examined the general profile of such children, on the basis of expert findings and came up with a

Piece on that regard. This article is compiled from the information extracted from the site at


The perpetuators of school violence are observed to be self-centered, self-absorbed and angry youngsters. A Califonian psychologist, Shawn Johnston, conducted a research that took him 20 years where he interviewed 5,000 juvenile offenders. He came to the conclusion that the children that perpetrate juvenile offences are “very self-centered, very-self absorbed, angry youngsters who derive extraordinary pleasure from savage vengeance they wreak on one another”. He observed that the cause of this is that the children are frustrated and pained for not getting what they wanted.


Bully is also observed to have physical and mental health consequences for the bully and the bullied. In a study conducted recently, it was concluded that 60% of the children classified as bullies are later found to perpetuate one crime or the other by the age of twenty four. It was established that the effect of bully is a long-lasting effect that are more pronounced with the adolescents. Those bullied are likely to go over the effects within a shorter period of time. However, those that were victims of bully in puberty in most cases turned into aggressive individuals or became drunkards in frustration.


The US Secret Service conducted a study and concluded that most of the school violence perpetuators ‘felt bullied or threatened by some one else just before they went on a rampage’.


The United Nations Secretary-General conducted a research on the violence perpetuated against children that include physical violence, psychological violence, discrimination, neglect and maltreatment. The report of the study indicated that ‘much violence on children is considered routine and much of it remains hidden and is approved by the society’.


Another startling reality was that, sixty one percent of children that responded to a study carried out by the Alfred University, said that they took weapons as they were victims of child abuse in the homes. They feel that the guns give them power to do whatever they feel like doing. Is that not a sad revelation?


The general profile of such children that unleash terror to us is now known to us, what is more, is to make use of our knowledge and see how we can effectively avoid having our children subjected into these kinds of difficulties so that they will not turn into violent perpetuators.  We hope to see a future free from any threat from any child against fellow child or the teachers. We desire to have safe school environment for our children.