Negative Effects of School Violence

The issue of school violence is very negative for most schools. School violence in the United States leads many people to panic when they consider the issue. Violence in school takes many forms and includes, raping, bullying, stealing, harming and killing other students or members of staff. It is essential that teachers, students, parents and schools take the necessary measures to curb this violent attitude in children. Such an attitude will negatively affect their future.


School violence causes negative side effects to schools. It ruins the school atmosphere by disturbing the smooth running of studies and other school activities. The amount of tension that violence in school creates is enough to distract students from concentrating on their studies. Violence is not ideal in school and the children who involve themselves with it cannot do well in school and end up ruining their future.


The children who participate in violent activities also cause trouble to their schoolmates. They involve themselves in harassing other students and the negative thing about it is that the victims of harassment fear going to school. The students who harass others can therefore ruin their fellow student’s future by making it hard for them to concentrate on their class work. This can have a huge impact on the careers they will choose.


The other negative effect of school violence is the tension that parents have regarding the matter. It is the goal of every parent to enroll their children in school so that they can have a better future. When children do not learn well or when they involve themselves with violence, many parents experience grief especially when they see their children fighting or hurting other children.


Violence in school also has a negative effect to the development of the nation. Countries that want to develop should make it their priority to bring up children who have the right attitude towards life. It is therefore essential that the government look for ways to end school violence to ensure that the future of the nation is bright.


The other negative effect of school violence is the deaths that occur during this type of violence. Many teachers and students have lost their lives during violent disasters in schools. The most infamous examples are the massacres that occurred in Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and the Bath School disaster. Students killed their schoolmates and teachers brutally in these incidents.


Violence in school also hurts the reputations that people have about schools concerned. It therefore becomes very hard for parents to enroll their children to such schools for the fear that their children may be involved in the violence or get hurt in it.


The problems that come about due to school violence are many. It is therefore very necessary to end or limit school violence so that children concentrate on their studies and get good careers. Ending school violence is also important for the nation because children are the nation’s future. Parents and teachers should therefore take on the responsibility of providing the right guidance, support, care, affection and love to children. If they do this, they can significantly reduce the incidences of violence in school and the violent attitude present in some children.