Know More about School Violence

Parents, teachers and students should learn and know more about school violence as it is becoming a growing concern in every part of the world. News and reports on violence in school is increasing exponentially. The violence has risen to great heights recently and if not controlled properly and immediately, they may become a great obstacle for any country. Failing to subdue these incidents will greatly hamper a school’s educational reputation as it hangs in the balance. Every parents and teachers are encouraged to gain skills and knowledge in handling these sorts of cases. As there are many root causes for these kinds of actions by students, people specially parents and teachers should be aware of certain violent and aggressive behavior by them. We are going to show how everyone is involved in these acts.


Parents tend to blame school authorities mainly for not having control over its students. But they do not know how much they offer to change a child’s behavior. A parent role is vital in developing characteristics as a child tends to learn what he/she hears, sees and feels. Parents should provide sufficient attention to a growing child as the things he/she learns at an early age will reflect the path he/she chooses later on in their lives. A child should be thought to understand, to love and to show kindness towards others at a very early age. Proper love, attention and care given at the right time will make him/her a better person in the future. Violent natured children will get into trouble more and will try to have a dominant effect on others.


School authorities also have sufficient effect on child as they spend most of their day time in the institutions. Impact by schools on students can have both positive and negative effects on students. Teachers should be encouraged to give proper education to children. They should treat every child equally and fairly. They should be very careful at the type of punishments they give to children as punishments tend to have both physical and mental effects on children. Constant punishments without regard towards a child’s psyche can make him/her develop aggressive and arrogant behavior. Authorities should keep a school’s atmosphere as fresh as possible. A child should be encouraged to attend school and demoralizing facts should be eliminated as much as possible. Authorities should also be vigilant about enough to check on the possession of weapons in school premises.


As these issues are very sensitive, they should be handled or dealt with great care. Authorities should deal all matters carefully as pressurized situations may harm a student mentally. Teachers should have keen eyes to notice sudden ill behavior by students. They should report the situation to the school authority and also to the parent of the child. Coordinated efforts should be taken to subdue the child’s violent behavior. Cameras should be installed in school premises to see what is happening in the area. Also strict, knowledgeable and skilled staffs should be appointed by the authorities. We should all try to tactically handle such delicate matters.