School Violence: A bird Eye View

The crises or riots that school students stage as a result of one reason or the other is what is actually refer to as School Violence. In this unfortunate situation, the students unleash terror in various forms including physical harm to teachers, staff as well as fellow students. The violence at times takes an alarming dimension, for they use any available weapon like knives, clubs, cutlasses and even guns. There are times when it results to loss of lives and properties. Buildings were sometimes set ablaze. In fact the terror they unleash knows no bound, because at this time, they are completely possessed by the devil    


The schools are suppose to be peaceful and stable environments, conducive enough for learning, however the cases of out breaks of violence are making the parents increasingly disturbed about the safety of their children. But shall we sit back and watch this menace as it continues to claims lives, properties as well as disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the learning environment of our children? The problem of school violence is an issue that requires all stake holders, viz, the school administration, the teachers, the parents and also the law enforcement agents to come together and find a lasting solution it.


The first institution of learning for every child is the home, and his first teachers are his parents. Therefore, there is every need for the parents to ensure that their child receives proper training that will instill in him the correct code of conduct, he should develop sense of societal values and above all, he should be trained to be a responsible member of the society. The parents should ensure that their child is free from psychological pressures like stress, depression, fear, anxiety and so on, as all these are factors that can contribute to a child tendency to become violent. It is the duty of the parents to ensure that they put their eyes on their child with a view to understanding what he is up to at all times. This will help in detecting early enough, his adoption of undesirable traits such as violence tendencies. At this stage, controlling it is easier. The teachers can also contribute by counseling the child that is obviously prone to violence.


A very valuable step that will assist a great deal in combating violent trait of a child is that the child should be treated with lots of love, affection and compassion. Moreover, seeking the services of psychiatrists or counselors will facilitate recovery.


On the internet, there are web sites that provide counseling services to parents on how to tackle the issue of violence trait in their children. The teachers too can learn a lot from such sites on how they can counsel a child prone to violence. These sites cover issues related to school violence.


Adopting the above tips will surely assist in reducing the violent trait in the child. It is a wise step to consider adopting them so that our children may have peace of minds in their learning environments. All stake holders need to come together and put all hands on deck with a view to finding lasting solutions to this horrible menace that is turning to be a nightmare to the poor parents.