From every indications worldwide, the occurrence of violence among the youths in all school seemingly growing faster and faster. Shootings and physical fighting is now becoming a normal way of life in school daily. We cannot continue to watch helplessly while it grows to monster, parents and teachers can actively take some calculative steps to bring the situation under control. Not only that, they also need to provide a serene, friendly and conducive environment for the kids, this will go a long way to give positive results in the overall. Since no individual or group can successfully curb the menace of school violence, a rather combative effort of parents, teachers and community leaders are needed to address the situation.


Lack of self confidence coupled with inferiority complex is one of the reasons, while most students indulge in violence in school. In addition, the offensive language tendency grown up with by some kids naturally becomes a way of life at the youthful stage. Parents and teachers have a lot to do in that regard. Zero tolerance policy is recommended to the students when it comes to violence in school hence activities such as this should be discouraged. Teachers are encouraged to put their elements of psychology into practice by systematically studying when a child is physically assaulted or orally hurts either at home or while in school. With a continuous record, a report for redress can be filed when it reaches a predetermined limit. To be precise, it is the fundamental right of every child to be accorded with genuine love and affection not only at home but elsewhere.


Violence in schools has brought irreparable loss not only to the teachers or parents but also to the entire country. Whether you are a student, teacher or parents or even grand-parents, horror of school violence has brought sadness and unforgettable memory. What word can best explain the agony of the parents whose kid was murdered by another student or a gang? It is oppressive and highest form of wickedness!


Chaos after school violence has many faces and every reasonable individual expresses his/her anger at such incidence. The resultant effects among others are:

1.          The reputation of the school is battered and eroded.

2.          The school, teachers and the administrators are stigmatized.

3.          The population of the school dwindled as some parents withdraw their kids while majority refuse to send theirs to the school in question.

4.          Every concerned individual across the nation becomes apprehensive and fearful.


The analysis report by Washington post on the school violence in the Hard Middle School confirmed that 3 teachers were physically assaulted and harassed while a teenager was indicted and charged for carrying dangerous weapon. Only 17% of the students in D.C middle school read at proficiency level while the greater rests are named one way or another in the school violence. The report went further to enlist the following as the most common school violence chaos.

1.          Slowness or slight delay in construction.

2.          Struggle in looking for a suitable principal.

3.          Inadequate class teachers.


It is noteworthy to emphasis that this so called school violence is not gender discriminatory. At Dunbar High School, a total of 19 girls were arrested by the police in connection with series of violent activities. The story is same at Anacostia High School.

In conclusion, a definite deterrent policy should be pursued and duly implemented against school violence. By so doing, we make the nation and the whole world a habitable place for everyone to live.