School Violence Explained in Detail

You might be wondering what school violence means exactly, right?

Well, if you take it the literal way it simply translates to violence occurring in school premises.  This includes incidents like theft, threatening other students, bullying other students and some time even killing them.  These acts of violence in school clearly disturb the school atmosphere along with the fact that it restricts the growth of a child.  It is known that children will be responsible for a nation’s growth, but if the children of a certain nation in involved in such acts of violence then that nation’s growth is hampered.   With that notion, schools and parents are encourage to take the necessary steps to reduce or even eliminate such violent behaviors among school kids.

Are children born violent?

This is a big ‘no’.  Every one is never born violent.  A child only becomes violent because of certain circumstances. We all know that children are like sponges that soak up all the knowledge that they see, and that they learn in a very fast manner.  If they are raised in a violent environment, then they eventually learn to be violent, thinking that it is perfectly normal.  Thus, it is important to provide a good, comfortable and healthy environment as the child grows.

The school, being a child’s second home (or as they put it, his home away from home) is also responsible in shaping his future along with the correct guidance at home.  As long as the home and the school work together in providing the right environment for a child, then they will be able to develop the right set of moral values and attitudes that give them a bright future.  This in turn will bring satisfaction to the child, his parents and the school, not to mention a promise of a better growth for his nation.  Once a child grew up in the wrong environment, he then develops negative values that will ruin his future.  This in turn brings dissatisfaction along with depression.  If you want to prevent a child from falling into depression, then it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to correct such violent behaviors once you notice it.

If you’re thinking that there is a medicine available that will cure violent attitude, then you are simply mistaken.

No medicine has ever been developed that changes once moral values.  Only by taking the right steps and adopting these into your routine can you correct a child’s violent behavior.  Here are a few of the things that you might be able to do:

·         Let your children feel that they are loved and cared for

·         Help them during times of difficulties

·         If external help is required, ask the help of counselors or psychiatrists.  These kind of people are trained and have acquired the needed expertise to handle such difficult situations.

·         In an event that a child is uncertain as to what career will they be taking in the future, you may seek the help of career counselors.  These people are well informed in the fields that might be perfect for a child.

·         You may as well look for help on the internet.  Today, a lot of websites provide detailed information on school violence.  These websites publish guides that teachers and parents may follow in an attempt in reducing and eliminating school violence.

·         Schools must make a firm stand against students who commit acts of violence in school.  By doing so, they prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

Following these steps will help you in reducing or even eliminating school violence.