School violence is of many types…

People might think that violence in school is a normal thing to do; the way they take in this issue is said to be only in a vague sense and just by accepting that school violence is a normal thing, some people make this society to lose something terribly important. It is nothing but the welfare and life of our own kids.


Violence in school is a very serious issue, as they are not like simple fighting for a sweet or treat. They mean that there is something wrong in the kids’ nature or in the surrounding environment they live in. They are not being brought up in a way that is profitable for the future. Kids of today have been poisoned to some extent with the garbage shown on television and sometimes they are capable of attracting children with such a strong force that they are actually try out that action before asking their parents for permission to do so.


In order to understand the types of violence and behavioral issues in school, we need to understand the true impact of violence in schools first. There are different forms of expressing the true meaning of violence in schools and the most appropriate method of defining it will help us in formulating the best solution for the same. Proper definition given by the North Carolina Department for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is that school violence is something which is capable of disrupting the normal functioning aspects of the school and its quality of education provided.


The main ingredients of school violence will be verbally abusive conversations, usage of drugs, marking of turf or territories, physical aggravation and many other traits. The shoot outs at the Columbia High school and the incident in Seattle high school were considered to be the worst incidents in the history of American education standards. Complete list of school violence incidents in America shows the brutal increase of kids who take up the “dark side of the force”.


By knowing this, we can understand the true potential of violence in schools. General aspects in the violent behaviors of school going kids are fighting, assaulting, bullying, drug usage, drug dealing, weapons possession, sexual abuse, stealing, vandalism, etc. The list is a mile long and no firm actions have been taken to reduce this permanently.


Some of the kids use violence to prove their domination over others and to annoy others considerably. They do this for getting attention and to get their needs fulfilled. Individual bullying and gang rivalry are two sub categories of this type of violence in school.


Forcing others to buy drugs from them and bringing in huge amounts of drugs inside the campus is the worst form of federal crime. However, this situation occurs either when their family members are using them or if proper care and love are not shown to them. Sexually harassing other students is prevalent, when their parents do the same. The proverb ‘Like Father, Like Son’ needs to be remembered here and by showing love and care, we can prevent them from being poisoned by the society and by the other worst characters around us.