Parents these days send their children to school and conclude that that is the end on its own. They get carried away by their own business activities at the expense of giving adequate care to their children. They erroneously believe that children automatically give them their heart desire simply by sending them to school and nothing more. In reality, the some of these children either kills or injures his/her mate or he/she gets killed or injured by others.


As the occurrence of this activities step up daily, the parents of the culprits receive shame and cheap popularity in place of pride of achievements. The parents in question begin to realize the level of their negligence even as the pride of the country is been eroded.


Violence in school happens when students take up weapons in readiness to retaliate what they thought oppressive or humiliation on the other students or member of staff. For the reasons best known to them, they carried out their threat and in the process hurt other with the use of revolver and other dangerous weapons. With this singular action, every now and then, many innocents’ students have been untimely killed or maimed. Therefore, there is urgent need to bring this shameful act to a permanent end.


The parents should therefore, take the first step on the issue by guiding their children to freely demonstrate or exploit their potential based on their age per time. In most cases, parental expectations on child are of higher in comparison to their capabilities. Any attempts by parents to forcefully extend the children, natural capabilities will always meet resistance on the part of children, the result of which we are seen in school violence. Parents should also note that children who engage in the acts and bullying and harming others are menace to himself, parents, mates, teachers and the government. A timely intervention is the only solution to this.


Going back memory lane, one can not but recall with agony that about 200 killings from school violence was recorded in 1992, all from United States alone. Who know the number of senator, government or presidents among them? This could best be described as inhuman and wickedness within the schools and the society.


These culprits hardly act alone, rather they usually form a syndicates to foment trouble and cause confusion in school. At the full escalation, they destroy life and properties. But what made them indulge in this act? Is it an overnight decision? If it is giving a reflective thought, one can easily deduce that negative exposure the immoral movie, serial TV shows and dangerous game plays contribute largely. Besides, unbearable force from parents to read and learns all day could also contribute to school violence. In summary, one can reasonably establish that inadequate time to give children enough attention, study pressure and socio-environmental factors are direct reasons behind student violence.


For the guidance of these activities, enlightenment program is needed for the children for them to see the evil inherits in violence. Again, parents- teachers association meeting is needful on timely basis to deliberate the welfare and other issues relating to students.