The Basic Structure of School Violence

Parents today are always occupied with work and other business that they forget to spend sometime with their children, let along get to see what they normally do.  They are satisfied as long as their children are able to attend school so that their children will be able to learn things that will shape their future.  However, it seems irresponsible if the situation in school involves their child in any acts of violence and harms other children or even become a victim of such violent behavior.

With such incidents of violence occurring, it is depressing to know that most people just turn a blind eye and choose not to do anything to prevent or eliminate school violence.  Fact is, the number of incidents involving school violence is rapidly increasing every day.  Since this will greatly affect a nation’s future, it is only right that proper steps be taken immediately to solve this serious problem.

School violence can be viewed as any activity taken the student of a school which directly or indirect inflict harm on other students or even the school staff.  In general, most students bring revolver or any other lethal weapons to threaten or even hurt others in school.  Just like other similar cases, the worst that may happen is a student killing another student in an outburst of violence.  With that said, it is imperative that we put a stop to school violence.

The fastest way to prevent such incidents is for parents to take action regarding the matter, and to provide their children with the proper guidance and growth that is based on the child’s capabilities rather than forcing their own desire on their children.  Truth be told, a child’s future is dependent mainly during the time that a child is attending school.  With this as their foundation in life, it is important to prevent such activities in order to avoid serious problems in the future.  Studies also reveal that student to take part in bullying or hurting other students not only ruins their future, but the lives of their parents as well.

The problem with school violence is so severe that in the U.S. alone, approximately two hundred cases of school violence that resulted in deaths where recorded since 1992.  The critical situation already created a terrorizing atmosphere not only at school but also for most of the U.S. residents.

Normally, students who take part in these acts of violence are a member of a group, which in turn creates more problems for the teachers and other students.  As such, the quality of education drops and the learning environment suffers a lot.  One will certainly ask why students behave violently.  What might be the reasons behind such problematic behavior?   Investigating deeply, you might be surprised that one of the most common reasons behind a child’s violent behavior is because of their exposure to violence itself.  Today, movies and cartoons show acts of violence, and this in turn gives ideas to students.  They try to mimic what they see in the movies or on TV, and they even do it in school.  Another reason behind a student’s violent behavior would be the fact that they have experienced extreme stress and pressure in studying, which is normally caused by their parents.  In short, we can say that school violence is caused by poor attention of parents and a bad atmosphere that is full of violence.

To avoid such occurrences of school violent and eliminate a students violent behavior, the school administration must set up a regular parent-teacher’s meeting.  During such meetings, both the parents and teachers will be able to devise and plan the proper steps necessary in correcting the violent behavior of the students.  Lastly, it is important that we provide children with a good atmosphere where they can grow and develop in a positive way.