How the words school and violence join together?

Before understanding the concepts of school violence, we need to know what exactly does school violence means and if children are born violent. School violence is the act of violence taking place inside an educational institution and which disrupts the normal functioning aspects of the school. The kids at school show violence by means of threatening the other kids, bullying the others forcibly, robbery or theft, rape and murdering others (in the most advanced stages). This form of violence is capable of disturbing the entire school atmosphere in heavy terms.

As children are the leaders of the future, they need help and motivation for avoiding this disease like qualities from spreading even more. When there are so many violent kids in each school of a nation, they will hamper the effective growth of the region and the other aspects of the same like its economy. Hence, we need to emphasize the need to have the parents and teachers, to help in the reduction of the violent behavioral qualities from their kids by means of kinder words and gentler advices.

No one in this world is born wild and this is a known fact in this world. However, if the behavioral changes in kids are found to be violent in nature, it may create an illusion as if they are already born with these traits in their hearts. The learning capacity of children is very high and they learn whatever they see or hear in a matter of minutes. If they are being brought up in an environment that is very violent, their first impulse will be to learn those traits faster, instead of the goodness in the family and their surroundings. Hence, it is an important duty of their parents and family members to give them the best, healthy and comfortable environment.

Shaping the character of a kid needs to be done by both parents and by the teachers, in equal proportions. If these precautions are taken, their lives will be very bright and this will help, in turn, for our benefits too. Their proper bringing up in this world will give this nation a better citizen than the others and will prevent the same from falling into chaos. Children will generally feel dissatisfied in their lives, if their desires are not fulfilled and eventually this will lead to depression in huge amounts. Violent behavior will be the outcome of these depressive thoughts in their lives and they turn into a monster to either reduce the pain they have or to make an act of revenge to satisfy them.

The only things that can help a kid from falling in or to come out of the pit of violence in school days are by giving their most wanted care and love, help in bringing their difficulties to an end, proper advice and consultation with a child psychologist or counselors, providing the best for their every needs, by getting approved methods of keeping them happy from the internet and by following many other well researched steps.