A bully's role in school violence

School violence is a common phenomenon in schools all over the world. There are some children who fight amongst themselves and hurt each other. There are children who act as bullies and bully other children who are timid by nature. These bullies are either spoilt brats from very rich backgrounds or those who come from homes where they are exposed to fighting and use of abusive language among parents, drugs and alcohol. A bully is one of the main reasons due to which there is school violence.
These bullies harass other students during breaks, before and after school hours and make it difficult for the students to attend school peacefully. If any student retaliates back, it can result in hand-fighting. There are students who bear the bullying but the anger towards the bullies keeps increasing within them. In some cases, when the anger reaches a peak and the student loses his mental balance, he might explode and become violent and attack all students around him. There are cases where the bullying becomes so difficult to bear mentally for the student that he takes the extreme step of ending his own life.
The bully might force a student to do things for him, take him along wherever he goes during breaks, even if it be to the toilet. This is humiliating for the student who is bullied but he might not respond back out of fear and feel angry within. There are some bullies who get their homework done from other students while there are those who just use abusive language at times even hurt physically.
In order to tackle this menace of bullying, the students, teachers and parents will have to work collectively. There should be boxes kept where schools can drop in their complaints without identifying themselves. The school authorities can then look into the matter, talk to the student who has a complaint against him, ask other students individually and privately whether they have seen the concerned student indulge in bullying and if they find that the student is guilty of bullying, then appropriate action should be taken to counsel the child and understand the reason behind his aggressive behaviour. His parents need to be notified about the matter so that they can discuss the issue with their child and make him understand the wrongness of his deeds.
While tackling a bully, it is important that the teacher not humiliate the child or hurl abuses at the bully. Rather than that, the bully must be talked to with love and respect, the reason behind his aggressive and violent behaviour should be understood and he must be counselled and made understood the immoral impact that is being created by his misbehaviour. In case the bully continues to repeat the acts, then it might be necessary for the school authorities to take strict action so as to protect the other students. The bully could be temporarily suspended and if necessary his parents must be advised to send him to a rehabilitation centre for few weeks.  
It is high time that we spread awareness about bullying and school violence and take all strict and necessary steps to bring it to a complete halt.