The part played by bullies in violence in school

There are kids and students who fight among themselves for petty things and end up hurting each other physically which results in school violence. These kids at times try to dominate the other kids by bullying them. These bullies could be either kids from very unstable home environment or brats from a very rich household who has no interest in studies or good things the school has to offer. He is one of the main causes for school violence.


These bullies destroy the peace and environment of the students by bullying them and threatening them wherever they see them. And if there is retaliation from the students side, then it causes even more trouble. The students who are being bullied try to keep calm and not respond to any bullying activity against them. But it is a cause of concern as these students can explode at anytime and cause even more violence when their anger culminates and reaches the top level. There are students who be come so fed up of constant bullying and threatening that they take the extreme step to run away from the bullying.


The bully is the person who takes control of the other student and forces the student to come with him wherever he goes. The kids who are bullied and threatened feel humiliated and insulted but they do not retaliate. These bullies at times get hold of the nerds in the class and force them or threaten them to do their home works and threaten them with dire consequences if not complied.


If at all bullying had to be got ridden off, then the parents, teachers and students must come together and fight it. There should be complaint boxes kept in every school where the students could post their complaints relating to violence against them or their friends. The school should look into the matter and interact with the offenders. And if there is good enough proof or witnesses who are willing to testify against the offender, then appropriate action should be taken by the school and should be ensured that such things do not happen in the future. They should also be made to realise the ill effects of their actions and if there is a need then the parents of these students should also be met.


When the student deals with the bully, it is important that they do not humiliate them or hurt them by talking to them aggressively. Instead they should approach them with love and affection so that the reasons for their actions could be known and such actions could be avoided in the future as well. Even after the bully refrains from continuing such violent activities, then he should be suspended from the school or must be told to bring their parents to school for further talks and ask them to send their kids to some rehabilitation centres or find other ways of punishing them. All these things are done just to avoid violence in school and to safeguard the rights of the other students.


It si the time that we take strict measures against bullying and students indulging in bullying in school before it is a bit too late.